#BakitParangKasalananKo Tweets That Are Very Relatable

Are you even a Filipino if you don’t know this famous line said by Bea Alonzo in Four Sisters and A Wedding?

collage beaalonzoparangkasalananko

On September 9, one of the top Twitter trends in the Philippines is the #bakitparangkasalananko which I presume is quoted from the 2013 rom-com hit, Four Sisters and A Wedding directed by Cathy Garcia-Molina.


One of the most famous and used lines of the film is “Pero bakit kasalanan ko, parang kasalanan ko?

” said by Bobbie Salazar which was played by Bea Alonzo.

After the sudden surge of tweets using the hashtag #bakitparangkasalananko, we’ve gathered some of the best reads of the night:

When you explain something after someone says they don’t get it:

This one hits home:


I can’t emphasize how many times I’ve experienced this in group works:


Same. I don’t get people who get mad at you when they don’t even know you at all:


Oh, the never-ending “edi ikaw na”:


When you’re literally just tryna help:


“I don’t want to see myself breaking down and can’t get up”

Blame rapists. Do not blame the victims.

When you’re the one taking photos during the holiday season or on vacations:

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