Bahay Tsinoy / Filipino-Chinese Museum Inside Intramuros

Our past episode of “The Walled City of Intramuros” with Ivan Man Dy of Old Manila Walks gave us a glimpse of the city within the city that boasted history, culture and ghosts that scared Harold.

We were given a tour of San Agustin Church. Following that, our tour guide, Ivan, took me to one of his other favorite spots in Intramuros. He told me that getting people to visit the place was one of his advocacies as a guide. So I was really PSYCHED to find out what this ‘special’ place was all about!

When Ivan told me that we were doing to “Bahay Tsinoy” (Chinese-Filipino House), I was even more intrigued. As you may (or may not) know, I’m Chinese-Filipino myself and it was great to come to this museum and try to learn more about my ancestors and the heritage and history of the early Chinese-Filipino settlers in the Philippines.

People always say that the Chinese-Filipinos or Tsinoys are very business-minded. Well apparently there is some truth to this as we saw that some of the early “sari-sari” stores were set-up by the Tsinoys. Even if they weren’t well versed in Tagalog and just settled in a new place, that didn’t hinder their entrepreneurial spirit and I believe that it’s the same spirit that pushes some of the best entrepreneurs in the Philippines!

There were also some relics like pots, plates and other antiques that came from that period. These items were brought in by the Tsinoys from their homeland to use them either at their homes or for trading with the locals who loved the stuff that they were bringing in.

I really had an awesome time learning about my heritage. Much props again to our friend from Old Manila Walks, Ivan Man Dy. Remember if you want to find the secret in and outs in various places in Manila like Chinatown or Intramuros, Ivan is your man!

So next time When In Manila, be sure to take a walk with Ivan’s Old Manila Walks and come check out Bahay Tsinoy, historical sites, secret treasures and other neat places around the heart of Manila.

Name of venue: Bahay Tsinoy / Intramuros
Activity: Walking tour c/o Old Manila Walks
Contact Person: Ivan Man Dy
Telephone: +632 7113823
Mobile: +63917 3291622

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