Back to School: 3 Chic Locally Made Bags You Need

For some, school has already begun, When In Manila and for most who has been stretching out their summer vacation due to calendar adjustment you’re good and ready to buy school supplies to last all year long. Like notebooks and pens, art supply and materials.  You would also need a bag to gather all of your stuff to school.

Have you been using your worn out bag your titos and titas sent you from the states since you were god-knows-how-old? Well I did for the longest time since I’m the kind of girl that uses things until they are worn out or else there was no need to replace them. But I found 3 functional bags that will not only hold your stuff but also leave you looking the chicest most fashionable person on campus.


3.  Flying Dutchman


2 CSB blockmates brainstormed the idea of a clothing brand, selling at bazaars and launching one product at a time. Flying Dutchman is a Menswear brand that caters to college students and young professionals.  They started this brand when they were 23 years old! They have boat shoes (which I adored as well), men’s button downs and Rucksacks such as this. 




Being an art student requires me to constantly bring a big bulk of things to school: Art supplies, digital paraphernalia, my bulky laptop, planner, notebooks, sketchbooks, fabric and so. It all conveniently fits in this rucksack and didn’t feel uncomfortable when worn.




It’s a mix of denim, and leather and I loved the colors! They have different ones for you to choose from as well. Very Modern laidback as how they described their brand. Their stocks are also limited so you should check them out soon at their online store and physical stores.



Check out people taking Bag-fies on Instagram with Flying Dutchman‘s rucksacks!

U.P. Town Center, Katipunan Ave. Barangay U.P. Quezon City
 Bluebay Walk Diosdado Macapagal cor. EDSA Pasay City
 710 -99 -81


2. The Ilustrados


The Ilustrados is a Filipino brand created to promote and rediscover the existed manner of wearing classic and timeless pieces that are designed and produced with the same dedication as the primitive Ilustrados exerted to liberate the excellency of Filipino craft.  



 I got their best selling Tote Bag made from pure Cow leather. I love how authentic it smells. It’s also very sturdy. As an art student, there are lecture days that I just need my laptop, pen and paper and it makes perfect sense to bring this bag around with me. It’s very simple and chic and can carry massive amounts of stuff for your daily needs. Just have a bag organizer cause it doesn’t have any compartments inside. 
“Ilustrados” literally means: the Enlighted Ones, the Intellectuals, the Elite. Check out these instagramers who love The Ilustrados!

1. Nobles and Commoners


 Nobles & Commoners is a locally curated line of products crafted from genuine leather. Through their designs, the company provides its consumers a fresh and practical way of handling their daily essentials.
I have been a huge fan of their laptop sleeve for the longest of time. I started following them on instagram. I thought of ordering one before getting my laptop. Sometimes, it’s difficult for me to buy goods online because it expect it to be sugarcoated. Usually they would look nice online and on photos, just like any other promotions. But when I got my laptop sleeve, it perfectly fit my laptop and felt really smooth. Photos online couldn’t justify.
My favorite part would be the inside. It was so smooth that it made my laptop (yes it has feelings) protected from scratches. I didn’t want to put a laptop case on it cause it was already too bulky but I needed something to protect it from my bag.
They aim to provide it’s consumers quality leather goods and consequently advocate local talent. The expansion is geared towards adhering to growing consumer needs and further innovation of the company’s product designs.
So When In Manila, try out these functional and chic bags that
I fully recommend for every college student or young professional. They will last a long time and are the most fashionable ones out there.