Audience in China Boos Filipino DotA 2 Team, TNC Predator, at The International 2019

The International is an annual DotA 2 (Defense of the Ancients 2) world championship e-sports tournament. On its ninth year, the International 2019 began with 18 teams and will end on Sunday, August 25, 2019. The tournament is hosted by the game’s developer, Valve Corporation, and is currently being held in Shanghai, China.

Filipinos have been looking forward to today seeing as TNC Predator has made it into the upper bracket. Right before Game 1 against China’s Vici Gaming, however, Twitter experienced an uproar with people noticing how the audience in China boo-ed when our very own Filipino DotA 2 team, TNC Predator, came on-stage.

noelski and Jacob both point this out in their tweets here:

Hazel Grace and sirjean also complained about the crowd in their tweets:

At the end of the game, TNC proved to be victorious, winning over Vici Gaming. Their current standing as of writing is 1-0 with their second game against Vici Gaming currently ongoing. Let’s go, Philippines!!!

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