ASUS Philippines New Gadget Launch: K Series Laptops


When In Manila at the Asus Media Launch. The night started off with the introduction of the latest series of laptops in ASUS’s arsenal, the KSeries. I must say I am quite familiar with most of the features that was introduced to us there since they already exists in their previous models. Don’t get me wrong, albeit these are familiar features they are definitely the features that make ASUS laptops great.


ASUS K Series Colorful Designs Asus K Series Models


Asus K Series Features

I currently own a K50IN ASUS laptop (an older version of the K Series) and I must say one of my favorite features it has would be the IceCool Technology. This feature keeps the laptop palm-rest cool at all times thus allowing you to type comfortably. One colleague of mine actually likes this feature so much since his current laptop heats up like a frying pan, he even resorted to using a USB keyboard just so he could type better on his machine.


Another feature would be the Power4Gear. This software allows you to switch power modes quickly with just a touch of two buttons. This also allows the user to pick a setting best suited for the current situation such as presentations, gaming and office mode.


Multi-touch is a trend nowadays and the KSeries has that functionality with the Elan Smart Pad. This allows you to use multi-touch gestures such as zoom, rotate and scroll. Plus this smart pad also has palm recognition to help avoid unnecessary mouse movements when typing.


ASUS K Series Models


Asus K Series Tech Specs

ASUS brings to this series the power of the latest Intel processors, a choice of either i3 (2.10Ghz dual-core), i5 (2.30Ghz dual-core), or i7 (2.00Ghz quad-core). Along with an Nvidia GT 520M graphics card with either 512mb/1gb ddr3 ram to boost that gaming experience and other graphics heavy work-load. Plus it could pack up to 8gb ddr3 in two slots of SO-DIMM sockets. Of course what good is all that without the HDD, you could go for as low as 320gb or as high as 720gb.


Whats good about it, is that it is customizable to your preference. There will always be a K Series suited for anybody. You could go for either the low-end budget friendly version or high-end tech enthusiast version. Either way its all good, you are ensured of a great user-experience. Speaking of customizable, this actually leads me to another awesome thing about the K Series laptops.


Asus K Series Laptops colors


Asus K Series Design and Colors

You could actually choose the color of your laptop! Now that is something refreshing! I mean no more dull black cases, instead you could choose a color that fits your persona. There are six colors to choose from, Chill Blue, Passion Red, Urban Green, Seduction Pink, Party Gold and Simplicity White. Talk about standing out in a sea of gray and black. I personally would like to get hold of an Urban Green colored K Series laptop and I know many girls out there would want the Seduction Pink.


It also has an aluminum base to ensure durability and sturdiness while maintaining weight and form factor. The keyboard is back-lit and chiclet designed to keep dust off. No need for the USB vacuum on this one. It also features a bigger touch pad designed to maximize its multi-touch capabilities.


ASUS Urban GreenPassion Red



ASUS provided a nice refresh of the K Series laptops with a whole new twist of colors. The new tech specs with the choice of vibrant colors complimented with the old but improved features that their older models carried with them. The K Series is a merge of versatility and design while maintaining its affordability. So next time When In Manila, do check out local computer stores for the latest ASUS K Series.


For more details check out the ASUS website: https://ph.asus.com/

ASUS Philippines New Gadget Launch: K Series Laptops