Ashley Gosiengfiao and Mayumi at the New Friendster Re-Launch: Southeast Asia’s Destination Gaming Platform



Ashley Gosiengfiao and Mayumi





When In Manila, ain’t no party like a cosplay / gamer party cause a cosplay / gamer party don’t stop!


It was a sight to behold, gamers crowding the computers, cosplayers looking as cute and as animated as can be, guests getting a hands on first look at the newly launched Friendster platform and even rappers battling it out on stage for some gaming street cred!








The Friendster launch was a complete jam packed event that you hopefully didn’t miss! Of course, just in case you did, is here to give you all the info and pics from this lauch!





Of course, it wouldn’t be a great event without the hotties supporting Friendster like Ashley Gosiengfiao and Mayumi!



Ashleyy-Gosiengfiao-Mayumi-Vince-Golangco-Friendster-WhenInManila (2)Ashleyy-Gosiengfiao-Mayumi-Vince-Golangco-Friendster-WhenInManila (3)

Ashley Gosiengfiao and Mayumi with Vince



Pioneering social networking site, Friendster officially announces its redesign as a social discovery and gaming platform that offers users a unique experience which combines search, content discovery and social functionalities. In line with the brand promise, Friendster will host advanced ways of searching, engaging and making new friends, and distinct approach to discover new games. The new user interface provides excellent user experience while discovering new games of multiple genres and exciting new concepts to earn rewards.






Friendster pioneered the social networking industry and paved the way for the emergence of other sites. As the global gaming communities grew, it was essential for Friendster to find its unique proposition in order to remain competitive,” said MOL Group Chief Executive Officer, Ganesh Kumar Bangah, “By leveraging on Friendster’s strongest asset in the form of its millions of users and harnessing MOL’s strength as a e-payments and content distributer, we were able to successfully redesign Friendster to become a social discovery and gaming platform, host to the largest online community in Southeast Asia.”




Ashley Gosiengfiao with friends from Friendster




The merging of synergies brought about the development of Friendster’s redesign that features the following upgrades:


Innovative and user-friendly interface;


Selections of avatars to suit your personas;


Chat with existing and new friends via the Friendster Chat Application while playing games on Friendster;


Over 50 online games from eight different genre like role-playing, strategy, simulations and card games;


Earn rewards through points for every activity within the site including adding friends, engaging with friends, daily log-in or playing any game;


Simple, easy-to-obtain virtual currency that can be used to purchase virtual goods, online games and applications in a safe and convenient manner.






“The Philippines has always been one of our biggest markets with a vibrant online community, making the country exceptionally important to us,” said Friendster Chief Operating Officer, Nikolai Galicia. “Therefore it is a joy to roll out Friendster’s inaugural event here, to a community that is continuously growing. We are committed in continually bringing the latest content and giving the most compelling rewards to our users.”



Ashleyy-Gosiengfiao-Mayumi-Vince-Golangco-Friendster-WhenInManila (1)

Mayumi  and Vince 



When In Manila, check out all the new widgets and gadgets on the new! You might just meet some cool new friends or find a really sweet game there!



Friendster Homepage

Friendster Homepage



Ashley Gosiengfiao and Mayumi at the New Friendster Re-Launch: Southeast Asia’s Destination Gaming Platform


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