Arjo Atayde Pens Heartwarming Poem to Maine Mendoza After Wedding: “Cheers to the promises we make”

Shortly after saying “I do” to Maine Mendoza, Arjo Atayde took to social media to express his joy and excitement in embarking on a new chapter with his wife through a heartfelt poem, “Cheers to Forever.”

He also uploaded candid photos of them from their dreamy prenup video, which added ~feels~! The seven-stanza poem talks about the couple’s “unbreakable bond” and overcoming challenges together.

Arjo Atayde and Maine Mendoza

Photo: @arjoatayde Instagram

“In a world where time dances swiftly by, where moments fade and memories die, let us raise a glass to a love so rare, a bond unbreakable, beyond compare. Cheers to forever, where hearts entwine. Where love’s flame burns with a light divine, through stormy seas and skies serene, together we stand, a united team,” he wrote.

Atayde described their love as a “fortress” and “sacred space” that grows each day.

“In laughter and tears, we find our way. Hand in hand, come what may, through seasons of joy and trials we face, our love, a fortress, a sacred space. Cheers to the whispers in the night, the gentle touch that feels so right. With each passing day, our love grows. In every breath, a love that overflows,” he continued.

As the two looked forward to spending their lifetime with each other, the actor-politician emphasized that their love would shine bright for eternity, “Through the years, as wrinkles trace our skin, our souls entwined, a testament within. With each passing milestone, we will see, our love shining bright, for eternity.”

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He ended the poem by assuring to fulfill their promises and vows and calling Mendoza his “eternal grace.”

“Cheers to the promises we make. A vow unyielding, never to break. Through highs and lows, we’ll persevere. For in each other’s arms, we find solace near. So raise your glass, let the champagne flow, to a love that blossoms and continues to grow. Cheers to forever, a journey we embrace. With you by my side, my love, my eternal grace.”

Atayde and Mendoza tied the knot in a private wedding on July 28.

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