Ariel Rivera for Facial Care Centre FOR MEN!

Ariel Rivera for Facial Care Centre FOR MEN!

When In ManilaFacial Care Centre FOR MEN welcomes Filipino singer and actor, Ariel Rivera, to their growing family. 

Ariel_4764Ariel Rivera for Facial Care Centre FOR MEN

“We think Ariel fits the perfect profile of a man coming to terms with the whole aging process and accepting it with grace and being open to getting a little help,” Irene Dujunco-Stacy, Group Marketing Manager of Marie France Group of Companies, smiles. “He embodies FOR MEN’s typical clientele — busy, on-the-go, career- driven men who like no-nonsense, fuss-free treatments.” 

Ariel Rivera for Facial Care Centre FOR MEN

Meeting Ariel Rivera in person made me look up to him more. Seeing a few movies of him when I was younger, I just saw Ariel Rivera as a good actor and great singer; but after meeting and listening to him, that changed.

While watching him being interviewed and revealing his newest facial regimen, I saw the different side of Ariel Rivera – simple, bubbly yet professional, and most of all, family-oriented.

Ariel Rivera for Facial Care For Men6Ariel Rivera for Facial Care Centre FOR MEN

 Maria Mercedes remake lead actor Ariel Rivera unveils how he cares for things important to him. 

Ariel Rivera sees to it that he balances time with career and family, keeping his Sunday career-free since this day is important for his wife and kids. When asked about how he keeps a good relationship with his wife, Gelli De Belen, he answers: “Our secret? I don’t think about what I want. I think about what she wants, or at least what’s best for her.”

Ariel Rivera for Facial Care For Men4 Ariel Rivera for Facial Care Centre FOR MEN

As for his skin, Ariel Rivera honestly admitted that he didn’t really care about his skin or face before. He would always be exposed under the sun doing sports with no sunblock at all until his wife told him that he needed to start putting sunblock because the sun will damage his skin and will be a risk for cancer. Hearing this, he was alarmed and started to use sunblock. Ariel believes that skin is 95% genetic and says that he is lucky to have good skin. But of course, being 47 years old, he admitted that he already needed some help. 

And what does healthy skin mean for Ariel?

“I don’t think I want to look any younger than I have to. I want to look my age, but with healthy-looking skin. That’s important to me,” he says smiling.

“I’m not concerned about wrinkles. I love how guys have them, I just love it!” he starts off excitedly. “I think it makes us look like we’re aging gracefully ..but I want healthy skin. Not leathery, which is the tendency when you get older. I just want to look my age,” he explains.

Facial Care Centre FOR MEN offers non-invasive treatments like Repechage 4-Layer Facial treatment, an anti-aging, world-renowned treatment from New York that utilizes seaweed for cleansing, rejuvenation and nourishment and Diamond Peel, a luxurious, exfoliating treatment that gently vacuums and sloughs away accumulated dead cells on the top-most skin layer. 

Ariel Rivera for Facial Care For Men5 Ariel Rivera for Facial Care Centre FOR MEN

And because Ariel Rivera believes that caring for the skin is always better than altering it, he enjoys the non-invasive treatments Facial Care Centre FOR MEN offers. For someone who has never done anything for his face except the basics, “I like it! I’m really enjoying it,” Ariel admits. His skin also got Gelli’s attention after his Diamond peel session. 

Ariel Rivera for Facial Care For Men7Ariel Rivera for Facial Care Centre FOR MEN

 Ariel Rivera joins thousands of men who have come to realize the benefits of technologically advanced treatments as an aid to make the natural progression of aging even more beautiful.


When in Manila, If you share the same sentiments, call 813-7959 and inquire about the best program for you. 


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Ariel Rivera for Facial Care Centre FOR MEN


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