Ariana Grande’s ‘Boyfriend’ is the Ultimate Anthem for Anyone in “Complicated Relationships”

The rain might be taking over in our part of the world, but Ariana Grande is still churning out songs that would have made for fun girls’ nights out during the summer. Case in point: ‘Boyfriend’, her recent collaboration with Social House.

What makes ‘Boyfriend’ so great is how relatable the lyrics are. How many times have you crushed on someone or even fallen in love with someone, and gotten jealous of other people even though you technically don’t have the right to be because you’re not in a relationship? :p I bet you felt that! :p

Aside from that, the video is hilarious! Our favorite parts? When she attacks women with an arrow and with laser hearts from her chest just for talking to the guy.

Watch the video here:

Got any stories to share about someone you like, but is “just a friend”? We’d love to hear them!