Arcana: Where Worlds Meet


Arcana is a Retro-Futuristic Arcade and Pop Culture themed 3-day exhibit featuring 45 young artists from Lyceum of the Philippines- Cavite. Drawing inspiration from videogames, the Understated Productions aim to showcase an arts festival that brands their given theme. Along with the performances of guests and talks from speakers of different fields, Arcana not only celebrates art in all its forms but also aspires to give light on social issues and raise awareness for its audience.

Arcana consists of Ciudad de Los Perdidos, Fensalir, Alteria and Mission : Xenon.

Ciudad de Los Perdidos (City of Lost) is about drug cartels that are fighting for Money and Power. Violence are just normal. Blood bath everywhere. You will never leave the city without a scar.

Fensalir is a world of a fallen great nation whose evil overlord turned the richest land into a massively corrupted swampland. Choose your hero to recover Frigg’s sacred amulet and restore peace throughout the kingdom.

Alteria is an interesting story between Life, Soul, Time and Death.

Mission: Xenon, a futuristic dystopian original story, is about the journey of rebels to the forgotten planet to save humanity against its own kind.


Prod: Understated Productions

Venue: Clearwater House, KM 58 Gen. Aguinaldo Highway, Maharlika East, Tagaytay Cavite

Date: March 22-24 2019