Antipode: The Other Side, a Multimedia Arts Exhibit

There is a face behind the quiet voices inside us, voices we barely listen to, and faces hiding beneath the faintest of smiles, and the softest words. The faces revealed under the guise of our guilty pleasures, and our most delicate secrets. The messages that were never said, or were never heard.

Well close your eyes. Listen to your voice, and let that voice be heard, and let it be heard loud; the names that still hurt to say, the truth behind the vague lines between all the maybes, scream it like a battle cry!
Take off that mask, and wear the face that you identify as your own.
Open your eyes, and take a look.


Join Otri Productions on the 17th until the 19th of February, as they present to you Antipode: The Other Side,a Multimedia Arts exhibit held by students rearing from Lyceum of the Philippines University. The event will take place at Days Hotel Tagaytay City, right by the intersection of Tagaytay, Nasugbu Highway and Silang Junction South, Cavite.

Join and take a step forward to the other side for three days presenting:

– Digital and Traditional Art
– Creative Photography
– Film Showcase

The event features some guest speakers each sharing their knowledge on their own preferred fields and knowledge about the industry. The event also features various performances of poetry featuring members of Titik Poetry, acoustic music sessions by a number of artists, and also Open Mic Sessions to let participants and audiences take their own step at the stage.

Bring your family, friends, or feel free to make friends with others as you join us on the other side!