This Annual Music Fest in the Philippines is Completely Free of Charge!

Article by Hannika Santos

Fete dela Musique aka World Music Day or Make Music Day.

A year ago, I learned from a friend that some fest was being held in Makati. Little did I know it was a music fest. Being a person who plays instruments and listens to songs almost 24/7, it was a night not to be missed.  And I’m sure music enthusiasts would say the same.

I was fortunate enough to be given such information and was even thrilled to know that it was free. Yes. You heard me. F-R-E-E.

All music enthusiasts raise your hands and say aye!

But what exactly is fete all about?

Fete dela Musique is a red-letter day for any music fan. It’s a night where local bands come together to a certain stage and play music for free. The festival originated in France and has been adopted by countries all over the world since then. In the Philippines, it is celebrated in June for 2 saturdays– one night in Makati, another in Intramuros, Puerto Prinsesa and Baguio City. The annual event is organized by the Alliance Francaise de Manille and the French Embassy in the Philippines and it has been celebrated in Manila since the late 90s.

Thanks for coming to the #feterock2017 in Saguijo last night! Thank you @moveforwardph for partnering with us! Photo by Brendan Goco

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In a way, Fete serves as an avenue for these bands to be heard. It’s unique because stages were scattered around the city of Makati. There’s the Rock Stage, Indie Stage, Acoustic Stage, Reggae Stage, Punk Stage, Jazz, , Hip Hop, Blues-Soul Funk, Electronic, RnB, Grunge, World Music, OPM, and more. Name a genre – they have it.

Last 2016, it was Fete Indie who introduced me to bands like Autotelic, Ang Bandang Shirley, Tom’s Story, Coeli, The Sun Manager, Jensen and the Flips, and more. It was here that I got attached to the Indie Scene. It proved that there are other bands and artists waiting to be heard.

When was the last time you felt this alive? #FeteIndie2017 #fetedelamusique2017

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It was truly one for the books. I came there not knowing who was going to play on the stage, not knowing the lyrics to their songs, not knowing their names, and just going with the flow; but I came home with my heart and mind full of wonder. How come I only heard of these bands now? How is it possible to watch such a fun gig? How is it that only a few people know about the fest? I came home smiling, planning to listen to every song I had heard and to explore new music.

Fete de la Musique is truly interesting. At the time, I felt sad when people started to notice because I considered myself as one of the first who knew and was not ready for the world to know about it. But then again, it’s a music fest and music should be enjoyed by everyone.

Make Fete de la Musique 2018 your first, and be sure to go again in the coming years!

Fete de la Musique


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