Anne Hathaway’s Live “Barbie” Movie Has Been Pushed Back For Another Two Years

Looks like we won’t be seeing this Barbie live onscreen for another two years.

The live-action film version of “Barbie” has been pushed back for May 2020, after it was originally announced that the film would be released in cinemas in June 2018, according to entertainment reports.

The date change for “Barbie” is one of many shuffles in Sony’s lineup of films, inlcluding “The Girl In The Spider’s Web” starring Claire Foy, and the the Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly comedy “Holmes and Watson”.

This is the fourth time the Barbie film has seen a change in schedule, among other details: originally announced for release in May 2017, the movie has since been pushed back to June 2018, August 2018, and now in May 2020.

Anne Hathaway also took over the role from Amy Schumer, who was initially announced to star in the film after the latter dropped out due to scheduling conflicts.

The movie tells the story of a living doll who is expelled from Barbieland, and sets off on an adventure in the real world.

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