Angel Locsin Responds to Bashers

Angel Locsin Instagram

Angel Locsin, who was recently reported to have been suffering from a bulging disk injury that led her to quit the production of ABS-CBN’s Darna, posted a photo of a kettlebell on her Instagram account. She captioned the photo: “Never let the body tell the mind what to do.” Words of support and encouragement flooded her post, but there were still some bashers who commented on her photo.

One particular comment called her “laos” [Rough Translation: “no longer in the limelight,”] username @wayangoyez wrote: “Ano kaya sunod na issue mo para lumabas ulit pangalan mo sa news? Baka next time buntis ka na.” [Rough Translation: “What would be the next issue about you’ll so your name will be in the news again? Maybe next time you’ll say that you’re pregnant already.”]

Angel Locsin

Angel Locsin couldn’t stay quiet after reading the mocking comment. The actress replied: “Ms. walangoli, hindi naman lahat ng tao mahilig magpapansin kagaya mo. Katulad ng hindi rin naman lahat tamang hinala.. kasi hindi naman lahat adik. Sensya na tamad akong bigyan ka ng “blow by blow” sa mga nangyayari sakin at wala naman akong paki kung maintindihan mo o hindi. At tska, hindi naman ako magulang mo para pagsabihan kang basahin uli ang GMRC.]

[Rough Translation: Ms. walangoli, not everyone wants to be the center of attention like you. The same as not all doubts are right. Not everyone is an addict, too. I’m sorry if I’m too lazy to give you all the details of what is happening to me, and I don’t really care if you understand my situation or not. And also, I’m not your parent to ask you to read the GMRC again, since it looked like you missed a lot of points from the subject.”]
In the end the actress told the basher “quits na tayo, peace na.” [Rough Translation: “We’re now even. Peace.”] @wayangoyez also told the Angel: “Quits na ulit tayo!! Hahahaa peace na.” [Rough Translation: “We’re now even again. Peace.”]
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