An Artsy & Wanderlust Passion Project: Paper & Co. PH

We’ve reached the point that coloring books and travel planners have been so mainstream that probably everyone has either one. On one hand, I stumble upon people coloring their “Secret Garden” copies in random coffee shops, or even posting their colorful, whimsical works of art. On another hand, I see many people shooting a photo of their planners while basking under the heat of the La Union sun, or even trekking to see the majestic falls of Daranak. You’ll always see a hand holding a planner with a picturesque view behind it. It really has become a staple for people to post photos of either, and we never get tired of it.

But what’s surprising is how this Manila-based group integrated these two must-haves. Imagine a coloring book slash travel planner that you can carry around wherever you go. If you feel like splashing color to some pages while “wanderlusting” in some place in the Philippines, or anywhere around the world, you could!


Paper & Co. PH is a lifestyle stationary brand based in Manila, which sells a travel-themed planner & coloring book all-in-one. What’s cool about it is that it gives space for creativity, for you to mesh different hues to create one-of-a-kind color palettes for your pages. You can color the line art seen every month, or the small drawings that grace their beautiful sheets.


This weekly planner has pages allotted for a world map, which you can fill in if you’ve visited the country already. Each month has a unique spread, showcasing a particular part of the world. For example, for Februarythe design involves things or icons that remind you of France. They also have a list of Philippine holidays you need to note, so you can properly plan for your next adventure. Lastly, they have unique, motivational quotes to drive you to go where your heart makes you feel like you should be in.


I think what’s awesome about this passion project is that they want to inspire you to pursue your passions, whatever it may be  whether its arts, or travel, you should go for it. You see, each page represents something. The space allotted for you to write your plans/goals/notes for each day serves as a reminder for you not to forget it.


The well-designed coloring sheets push people to get in touch with your creative side. Use it as a therapeutic means of dealing with stress in life; or to “create a colorful, blissful life” the way you want it to be.


If you want to order, do check out Paper & Co. PH’s social media pages, or fill up this order form here: Happy coloring, planning, and traveling, everyone!


Paper & Co. PH