ALLURE: The Marsala et Chroma Fashion Show 2015



On Wednesday, May 6th from 5:00pm until 8:00 pm, College of Fine Arts and Design in collaboration with electives, Events Management Classes and Fashion Classes, will be hosting the Allure: The Marsala et Chroma Fashion Show 2015 at Plaza Mayor, UST.
The theme for this year’s fashion show is—the power of alluring with confidence in fashion, with the use of colors, Marsala and Monochrome, through the designers’ masterpieces. The monochromatic scheme will give an enigmatic touch to the theme as it goes together with the Marsala pantone color.
Combining these two in one fashion show event, will challenge the designers to come up with the new ways of reworking the Marsala and Monochrome palette, and for these designs to look smart and crisp and bring the power of confidence to allure. 
The program’s events and activities are clear outputs of the students that puts into practice learning from current elective classes – Events Management and Fashion combined with other previous and current subjects in College of Fine Arts and Design (Advertising Practice, Photography, Presentation Class, Production for Electronics Media).
This annual CFAD Fashion Show aims to challenge both elective classes to bring event management and fashion practice into the UST through an actual fashion show event that wiill challenge the Events elective class to plan, organize and develop an event and Fashion elective class to design and come up with new fashion designs and rework the given theme.
It has been organized since June 2000. CFAD Fashion Show Event first started as a small event inside the College of Fine Arts and Design building showcasing different designs of Fashion elective classes then later evolved into a big event, held annualy at the UST Plaza Mayor. 

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