Alex Gonzaga on Moving On From Heartbreak: Sometimes You Have to Fake it ‘Til You Make It

Words by Mara Karniella Sugue

In a press conference for her new movie, Nakalimutan Ko Nang Kalimutan Ka, Alex Gonzaga and her cast mates talk about love, heartbreak, and moving on. The movie centers on a girl who is struggling to move on from a past relationship.

When asked about her process of moving on from heartbreak, Alex says that, “Sometimes you have to fake it ‘til you make it.” She adds, “I-cconvince mo yung sarili mo na masaya ka, i-cconvince mo yung sarili mo na nakalimutan mo na siya kahit hindi pa (You have to convince yourself that you’re happy. Convince yourself that you’ve forgotten them even if you haven’t).”

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Jerald Napoles, who plays Alex’s best friend in the movie, likens the process of moving on to the healing of a wound. He says, “’Yung sugat, masakit ‘yun habang pinagdadaanan mo. Pag naghilom siya, mas matatag na yung parte ng balat na nasugatan na. Pero, may marka ng sugat. So there’s that little part of you na binigay mo (A wound hurts when it’s fresh. When it heals, that part is tougher. But it leaves a scar. So there’s that little part of you that you gave away).”

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Joj Agpangan who also stars in the movie says that you should never stop trying to forget. She talks about moving on saying, “Nag-hhold ka lang naman sa ex mo kasi ang saya niyo that time, madami kayong good memories. Pero dapat i-mindset mo na kailangan ikaw, magiging better ka with him or wala (You’re only holding on to your ex because you were so happy before and there were lots of good memories. But make it your mindset that you have to be better with or without him).

She adds, “Kinakalimutan mo kasi it’s best for you. It’s the right decision(You forget because it’s best for you. It’s the right decision).”

fifth solomon

During the press conference, director Fifth Solomon also talked about the process of making the film. As it is his first movie, he expressed his excitement about it. He said that he took a break from his Master’s Degree that he’s taking in Australia to direct this film. He also talked about his friendship with Alex Gonzaga and how they both were involved in the process of writing and making the film.

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Fifth adds that the story was based on his experiences and the broken-hearted people that he was able to talk to. He says, “Pinakamasarap kasi magsulat kapag nasasaktan ka or yung emosyonal ka. So sinulat ko ‘to nung time na nasaktan din ako, na iniwan din ako. (It’s best to write when you’ve been hurt or you’re emotional. I write this at the time I was hurting and I was left behind).”

He also said that while writing Nakalimutan Ko Nang Kalimutan Ka, he already had Alex Gonzaga in mind to play the main character.

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Don’t forget to watch Nakalimutan Ko Nang Kalimutan Ka this September 19 in a cinema near you!

What are your tips on moving on? How does one move on from heartbreak? Leave your comments down below.