AKG K830BT: Portable bluetooth headphones for those on-the-go

When In Manila and you seek for a portable, light and wireless headphone for on-the-go. Or just for your daily routines without having to tag along your mobile phone or music player while doing daily routines and chores while listening to music. Well, AKG has brought to us the AKG K830BT bluetooth headphone. Pair it with any of your devices with bluetooth capability and off you go.

Packaging/Build: Upon receiving the AKG K830BT, the packaging was pretty much stylish and simple. You get a cardboard box with a plastic front that shows-off the AKG K830BT.




Moving to the build of the AKG K830BT, I wished that AKG could have somehow reinforced the headband a little more. Don’t get me wrong, when seeing the AKG K830BT, the headband and whole headphone looks durable due to the design. But once you hold it, the headband feels a little soft and a slightly strong effort might be able to break it in half. The difference in the shade of the headphone cups and the whole headphone body are also a little weird. The whole headband is flat black, but then the headphone cups are shiny. It would have been nicer and more pleasing to the eyes if the whole headphone sported the flat-black look. I don’t know if it’s just my preference, or it really just looks off with the mismatch. Build design is ok. But for the build quality, I was hoping for much better since it would usually be used as an on-the-go type.

Sound Quality: For a number of bluetooth and wireless headphones and speakers, I have always believed that cables work their magic. For one, changing cable qualities and properties always added an effect to sound quality. I have always noticed how going wireless degraded my music greatly. There are a few exceptions who have made bluetooth and wireless music retain good audio quality. Apparently, the AKG K830BT was not able to deliver that similar to most bluetooth audio devices. The sound signature of the AKG K830BT sounds similar to a car radio. The bass is thin, the treble has no extension or sparkle, and the mids are average. Overall, the AKG K830BT is really made for on-the-go types. You can’t really complain since most bluetooth and wireless audio devices aren’t at par with similar priced wired audio headphones and speakers. What you’re really paying for is the wirless technology. So if you’re planning for an on-the-go wireless headphone, consider the AKG K830BT for its portability and for the easy bluetooth connectivity and on-board volume buttons which keeps you hands-free from even pushing the volume from your device. Serves its purpose very well.

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AKG K830BT: Portable bluetooth headphones for those on-the-go


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