AGAPE: Assessing Children’s Well-being after a Natural Disaster

AGAPE – Selfless Unconditional Love is an NGO supporting shelters for street children. Recently, they launched webinars tackling pressing issues about the
pandemic and ways to cope for families and children.

With the devastation caused by the recent typhoons, AGAPE will hold its last webinar this 2020 to discuss a topic often overlooked by many.

AGAPE wants to prioritize children’s well-being making a better Christmas for them. Their webinar “Assessing Children’s Well-being after a Natural Disaster” will be on December 19, 2020 from 3:00-5:00pm live via AGAPE – Selfless, Unconditional Love FB Page.

The speakers will be Dr. Ma. Caridad Tarroja, 2016 Outstanding Psychologist, and Dr. Gia Sison, staunch mental health champion. Hosting the event will be DJ Nick
and Mr. Miguel Nera. Special performances will be from artists Banna Harbera, Mr. Dan Billano, and Fox Music.

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