afters Espresso and Desserts: Your Dessert and Gelatto Place in Tomas Morato





When In Manila, and looking for a good place to chill out and have a dessert or coffee, better be going to Tomas Morato. At the edge of Tomas Morato‘s busy lanes is afters Espresso and Desserts, a quaint but lovely desserts place that offers choice selections of café treats. Afters is the word for desserts in Europe and is appropriate enough of a name for a place that seeks to have flavors out of the common. In a lazy afternoon or evening after lunch or dinner, you have many dessert choices here.



afters’ Cold and Hot Drinks with Cafe Latte and Green Tea Latte



For starters, try their various selection of hot and cold drinks. We chose to have some Cafe Latte and Green Tea Latte with one with Dark Chocolate with Cookies and Cream. Green Tea Latte was a soothing blend that works well in cold rainy season and to soothe the stomach before the heavy sweet treats. If you want a smooth creamy latte, you definitely have to be at afters and order their Cafe Latte. If you want to keep it cool, have the Dark Chocolate with real in cookies and cream.



Ham and Mushroom Carbonara from afters



afters Original Recipe for their version of Bolognese



Desserts are not just the premium at afters, also pasta. They are planning to have Pesto, Oil Based Tuna Pasta, Bolognese and Carbonara. For now, what is available on the menu are Pasta Carbonara and Pasta Bolognese. I enjoyed the Pasta Carbonara the most and makes me want to have more toasted garlic bread. Seasonal offers will also be available soon at afters for your enjoyment. Unspecified meals are also slated for the seasonal menu as well very soon once every pasta dish in.



Chocolate Lava Cake and Carrot Cake at afters



Different gelatto flavors, an afters in-house specialty



Desserts finally came in with Chocolate Lava Cake and Carrot Cake. The Chocolate Lava Cake was flowing chocolatey and moist as what it should be. I love anything chocolate and this passes the test. Carrot Cake was also interesting and I have found the flavor of that yummy carrot cake I tasted before. Looking at the counter, I saw different gelatto flavors and got excited, all more as most gelatto flavors were for tasting! Gelatto is made onsite under supervision Vince Fidelis, the owner.



Medley of classic and unique gelatto flavors offered by afters



afters Affogato, the almost coffee equivalent of Coke Float 



Gelatto began to flood the table with flavors like Cotton Candy, Mint Chips, Mango Yogurt, Popcorn, Salted CaramelFerrero, Lychee. Everything was good but I have to say Mint Chips stood the spot while Popcorn made wow with genuine caramel popcorn flavor and Lychee for a more refreshing taste. The star of the night is the Affogato with vanilla gelatto immersed in a shot of espresso. Talk about Coke Float but this time coffee and better. The balance of strong espresso flavor with vanilla gelatto was downright addicting. Gelatto completely molten? No worries, mixture is better than frappuccino.



afters Tisane selections with Mint and Fruit-based ones



The techy owner, Vincent Lim Fidelis with his Mom



After afters bombarded our stomachs with desserts and gelattos that are yummy, we got rest by being served Tea and Tisanes with luckily Mint Tea as one of the them. Mint Tea helps in soothing the throat and stomach, preventing hyperacidity or just the bloated sensation. The tea is refillable if you need more, just ask the friendly staff who would provide good service for you and afters is often venues for group meet-ups like the recently concluded PHAC monthly meet-up where Vince hails.







When In Manila, your desserts should be as premium as regular meals so visit afters Espresso and Desserts at Tomas Morato Area. They are regularly open from 8am to 12mn on Sunday and weekdays except Friday and Saturday where they are open until 4am. They regularly update their Facebook Like Page for updates and  Twitter so follow @aftersManila.



afters Espresso and Desserts

No. 20 Lansbergh Place Building

Tomas Morato cor. Sct. Castor St.
Quezon City, Philippines
 Telephone Number: 791-8789
 WhenInManila photos by JoTan23 and write-up by República Negrénse.

afters Espresso and Desserts: Your Dessert and Gelatto Place in Tomas Morato

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