Ilonggo Nurses Spread Positivity by Making Teletubbies-themed PPEs for Frontliners

Adrian Pe, nurse and fashion designer, recently shared the fruits of his and his fellow nurses’ labor. Since starting construction on March 24, Adrian and co-nurses have produced 30 improvised hazmats in violet, yellow-green, yellow, and red.

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These improvised hazmat suits are supposed to serve as Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs) for frontliners battling coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19).

They are the product of about 40 nurses from The Medical City Iloilo who took turns sewing while not on duty for either the operating room or delivery room. This effort was made possible by the donations of materials by private individuals and the initiative of Pe.

“I was looking for (a) neutral color of material for the hazmat but since the resources are limited, I bought the violet-colored material. It was followed by the other colors and the colors are one way to push the negative news about Covid-19 away. We are looking at the situation with a silver lining,” he said.

Pe also stated that the PPE uses waterproof fabric that repels pathogens and that the design was approved by the hospital’s safety officer.

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“We will not let the virus destroy our healthcare team. As front-liners, we will not enter the battlefield unequipped. It is essential that we have full gears for donning and offing,” Nurse Rhea Joy Navales, another nurse involved in the project, said of their efforts.

Tailors who wish to volunteer in the production of PPEs may contact Navales at 0917 779 0061.

Cash donations may be deposited to Pe’s Banco de Oro account 000781182093, or Bank of the Philippine Islands account 9303123867.

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