Acer IT Doctors Here To Help You: Consult Us On

 Acer IT Doctors Here To Help You: Consult Us On


Doctors are people we all look up to! Their service, knowledge and the help that they provide to everyone is definitely something that we all admire.

It’s because of this that Acer wants to really show it’s users and community that just like doctors, Acer is here to serve and help you with your needs!




The Acer IT Doctor campaign is one that highlights the friendly and knowledgeable service that Acer has for it’s community! With a broad lineup of powerful yet affordable gadgets, we’re sure to be able to help you find a great fit for your lifestyle and needs!

Moreover, the Acer IT Doctors are really approachable and easy to find when you need their help! Just consult them on Facebook –

We’d also like to gladly announce that is a proud brand ambassador for Acer!

Check out the Acer IT Doctors TV Commercial below:


Acer I.T. Doctors: Acer Iconia W4


Plus their huge billboard on EDSA / Guadalupe.


Acer IT Doctors Here to Help You WhenInManila



Best of all, stay tuned for more info about the cool gadgets and products Acer has in stored for you this year!

Oh and definitely look out for the Acer IT Doctors online video series with Comrade Boris from Soviet LaUnion!






The Acer IT Doctors. Consult us on Facebook –


Acer IT Doctors Here To Help You: Consult Us On