A Lounge: Relax and Recharge Before Your Next Flight at This Lounge in NAIA

Going through the rush of airports before a flight can be super exciting but also quite a stressful experience. With tens of thousands of people going through airports at any given time, having to go from one end of the airport to another while lugging around heavy bags, and limited food options, it’s not always easy to wait around in airports while waiting for boarding.

When you’re too early for your flight or your flight has been delayed, you can relax and recharge in a peaceful pocket in the Ninoy Aquino International Airport thanks to A Lounge.

A Lounge NAIA Terminal 3 5738

A Lounge is a pay-per-use airport lounge with locations in NAIA Terminal 3 and Terminal 1. The lounges feature complete facilities for everyone to enjoy just before their flights.

A Lounge NAIA Terminal 3 5745

If you don’t want to be surrounded by crowds of people while waiting, you’ll enjoy the peace and quiet at A Lounge. Their location at Terminal 3 has a seating capacity of 90, so you can be sure that there’s more than enough comfortable seating for you and your companions.

A Lounge Amenities

A Lounge NAIA Terminal 3 5755

We also love that there are a variety of seating options for all kinds of travelers. There are cozy private nooks with a built-in mini table with power sockets for those who want extra privacy, dining tables for those who want to refuel and enjoy the unlimited food, and a quiet zone with bar stools for those who want to get some work done.

A Lounge NAIA Terminal 3 5763

A Lounge offers a whole lot more comfort than those hard metal chairs by the boarding gates!

There’s also unlimited WiFi access, so you don’t have to rely on the spotty and limited internet connection of the airport.

A Lounge NAIA Terminal 3 5794

Also, there are lots of power sockets available in every corner. So, if you need to charge your devices, this lounge will make it a lot more convenient than standing by the charging stations in the airport.

A Lounge NAIA Terminal 3 5817

If you also need a refreshing shower, A Lounge has a complete shower room in their Terminal 3 location. It’s the perfect way to prepare for a long flight!

Food and Drinks at A Lounge

A Lounge NAIA Terminal 3 5772

A Lounge also provides a wide array of food and refreshments that guests can enjoy to their heart’s content. Some food choices include a delicious chicken arroz caldo, pork siomai, pasta, Vienna sausage rice bowls, green salads, bread with a variety of jams, a cheese platter, cup noodles, and brownies. There are also different kinds of soda, beer, alcohol, and infused water. Their coffee maker also brews the perfect cup of coffee—best for getting that boost of energy.

A Lounge NAIA Terminal 3 5777

With all their food options, it’s a great place to fill up your tummy before going on your flight.

A Lounge in NAIA Terminal 3 and Terminal 1 offers a space of comfort, recharging, and refreshments for all kinds of travelers. It’s also a great space for families traveling with children, especially since kids below 3 years old are admitted for free.

A Lounge Rates and Fees

A Lounge NAIA Terminal 3 5805

This airport lounge is open to all travelers, with a walk-in fee of 25 USD or PHP 1,200 (for Terminal 1) and PHP 1,500 (for Terminal 3).

International passengers with travel memberships like Priority Pass, Dragon Pass, Lounge Key, and those with lounge access as part of their credit card privileges may also enjoy access to A Lounge.

Your next flight will surely be enjoyable, stress-free, and super convenient thanks to A Lounge.

A Lounge

Terminal 3
Level 4 Airline Lounges, NAIA Terminal 3
+63 2 5310-4119 | +63 998 595-2674

Terminal 1
East Concourse Departure (beside Gate 2), NAIA Terminal 1
+63 2 5310-3799 | +63 998 595-2673


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