A 2nd Chance for Lola: Hikers Organize Outreach Activity to Help Rebuild 87 Year Old Woman’s Home

It’s funny how sometimes, those who have less give more. A few days ago, Joy Chiong shares her humbling experience meeting an 87 year old woman during a recent hiking trip.

Balikan natin si nanay

A 2nd Chance for Lola (01)

Rough English Translation:

When we went to Mt. Manalmon in San Miguel Bulacan, we asked to park in front of Nanay’s house. She’s 87 years old and is the only one living in her small hut. She gets her source of income by collecting the sampaloc leaves in her place and selling it in the market by the kilo. She uses this money to buy rice. I asked her how about the ulam (meat/vegetables that goes with the rice) and she shares that she doesn’t usually have any ulam as she can only afford to buy rice.

She has 12 children, 6 of whom are diseased. She’s also been a widow for 30 years. She is the only in the place with her 2 dogs, her 6 children are all living in different parts of the Philippines since they each already have their own families.

She’s not asking for help but she deserves some. She’s so kind. She even guarded our car with her flashlight even if we didn’t ask her to.

She kept reminding us to take care on our way home and even gave us some pineapples. We told her no thank you but she insisted.

Please hikers, travelers, nature lovers, common tao, kind-hearted people, etc., visit mount Manalmon in San Miguel Bulacan and DON’T FORGET TO BRING some gifts FOR NANAY.

She needs water, cooking materials, banig, unan, kumot, medicines, electricity (how can we help her here?), and maybe a radio with batteries to give her something to pass the time. I think she also needs a source of livelihood so she doesn’t need to roam around in search for sampaloc leaves.

Please sacrifice you P500 dinner buffet for the happiness of Nanay. This will be a big help to her.

Joy and her friends have organized an activity to help rebuild Nanay’s small hut, if you wish to help out as well, please refer to the following link: https://www.facebook.com/events/850964288312805/

There are a lot of stories similar to this one, but we’re deeply happy to know that people like Joy and her friends continue to find ways to help those who have less. So if you want to give back as well, please consider joining their activity this Aug. 16!


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