7 Ways to Make Socially-Distanced Reunions with the Barkada More Fun

A virtual party wouldn’t be successful without a good internet connection. Make sure to have a fast and reliable internet provider. If your provider doesn’t have a history of steady internet, you can avail of portable prepaid WiFi devices from other networks. It’s not just going to be for your online parties. It’s going to be an investment for your work-from-home lifestyle.


Your online party doesn’t need a program and can be just a night of chikahan, but a few rounds of games would make it more fun. There are plenty of games that can be played virtually, like Bring Me, Never Have I Ever, charades, Pictionary, and Bingo. For something holiday-themed, we recommend a gift-wrapping race, name that holiday tune, or guess the candy, where someone has to fill up a jar with treats and everyone has to guess how many there are. To make it personal, you can have a trivia game about the participants over Kahoot.


A party without food is just a meeting, and it also applies to virtual get-togethers. Each participant can plan their own food, but someone can be in charge of sending people snacks so everyone is eating the same thing. Chips are always a go-to and we recommend Super Crunch corn chips. We love it because it lives up to its name. Each bite comes with a satisfyingly loud crunch. The corn chips comes in Cheesiest, Tasty Sweet Corn, Cheddar Cheese, and Barbecue so there’s a flavor for everyone. Super Crunch also has Nachos in Cheese and Barbecue, and the Chipcharon (made from green peas) in Pinoy Bawang, Suka’t Sili, and Lechon Kawali.

You can find Super Crunch in leading stores such as Puregold, Robinsons, Super8, Landmark, 7-Eleven, Rustans, Shopwise, Mercury Drug, Alfamart, Waltermart, Gaisano, and majority of local supermarkets nationwide.


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A get-together, whether done offline or online, wouldn’t be complete without drinks. Like the food, someone can be in charge of sending the same drinks to everyone or have participants prepare their own. Choose your libations for the night, whether it’s juice, soda, or something alcoholic. Feeling extra? Prepare a holiday-themed drink like eggnog, a Christmas drink made with milk, cream, sugar, whipped egg whites, and egg yolks. Another popular holiday drink is mulled wine, which steeps spices and fruit in red wine. Many brands now sell and deliver kits for easy drinking. Prepare a spiked version of the eggnog and a non-alcoholic version of mulled wine using pomegranate or cranberry juice.

Device stand

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Whatever device you’re using for your virtual party, get a stand. MOFT makes a series of device stands that can be used for laptops, tablets, and smartphones. It’s designed to be “unseen when attached, unfelt when in use, unnoticed when carried.” More importantly, the laptop stand’s high-lifting mode optimizes the sitting posture, while the low-lifting one soothes the wrist when typing. MOFT is available in Urban Traveller & Co.


You wouldn’t want to miss the tea with all your friends so why not enhance your audio experience with a speaker? Get one with crisp and clear sounds so you don’t miss any details as you catch up with your barkada. If you’re going to share juicy details and your family is present, go for something private with earphones. A lot of brands now offer wireless ones, which are more comfortable. As someone who has been using them for two years, once you go with wireless, you never go back.

A wireless charger

Your virtual get-together will most likely stretch throughout the night, so make sure you stay powered. Mission has cool chargers, such as the iOTTIE iON Wireless Fast Charging Stand. Simply prop your phone against the stand (in either landscape or portrait mode) and continue chatting. The charging stand is angled at a 65-degree tilt, so you can comfortably stay online while your device is being powered. If you’re using other devices, the LAB.C X4 Charging Station is strong enough to power up to four gadgets, including laptops and cameras.

Super Crunch

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