7 Situations When a Credit Card Will Save You

Many people are afraid to apply for a credit card. Some say they’re scared to get one because they’ll end up buried in debt, while some say they can’t afford the monthly rates. But we believe that with proper self-control (lots and lots of it), people can enjoy owning a credit card. In fact, it might even save them.

If you think we’re exaggerating, here are 7 situations in which a credit card can have your back:

7. When an item you need is part of a surprise sale

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The best way to survive a sale when you don’t have cash is to not go, but there are times when the item you’ve been dreaming of is available at half the price. As long as an item is not an impulse buy, swipe it with plastic.

6. When you want to watch a super big movie on opening day

Black Friday

There are so many good movies coming out (hello, Marvel Cinematic Universe) that it has become necessary to watch them the week it comes out, if not on the first day. If you were one of the people who saw Avengers: Infinity War a few days or weeks after it premiered, you probably felt left out of conversations. Let’s not even mention the spoilers! Lining up on the first day can be a pain in the butt so it’s best to just buy your tickets online in advance with a credit card. Take our word for it: the photo above is of the opening day of Infinity War and the line extended to the next building!

5. When you’re traveling and you haven’t booked your trip details

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So you’ve already booked your flight. What about for the rest of the trip? Thanks to technology, you can book hotels, reserve slots on tours, and buy tickets online. Doing so will also save you money because you can compare rates online. And you can pay using your credit card so you don’t have to worry about anything when you fly out. Now all you have to think about is if your leave will be approved (good luck with that, beshie).

4. When it’s late at night and you have to commute home

Driving at night

Picture this: it’s another day in the office and you’re asked to do overtime. By the time you’ve finished, it’s 11PM and you weren’t able to watch your favorite teleserye. Commuting this late is out of the question if you live far away. Again, technology will save you here through the ridesharing apps available online. Pay using your credit card so you don’t have to think about getting the cash. Because you’re in a private car, you can catch up on the teleserye you missed!

3. When it’s your first date but you forgot cash

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On the list of embarrassing things that can happen on a first date, spilling pasta sauce over your shirt is not as bad as forgetting to bring cash. This is doubly more embarrassing if you’re a guy. While strong, independent women will insist on splitting the bill, arriving cashless can be a big no-no.

Let’s pray that none of you guys experience this but if you do, sliding a card can be a suave and gentlemanly move. It will definitely help when your date expects you to pick up the entire tab.

2. Repairs, repairs, repairs

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Things break down and no matter how sudden they are, we just have to find ways to repair them to their original condition. We may not have cash every time but it’s best to prepare for sudden breakdowns (office and school-related breakdowns not included). Having a card means not having to find makeshift ways to survive.

1. When payday is far awayBad Moms Grocery Supermarket

Sometimes payday feels so far away and we have spent all our money already. But when you find yourself in an emergency and you need to buy groceries, go to the doctor, or book a ride home (again, a new lipstick does not count), you can rely on a card to save you. Just make sure to control your spending because you might be surprised when your credit card bill arrives!

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If you’re thinking of applying for a credit card, you need to find one that suits your needs. Banks offer different cards with different features so it’s best to find one that fits your lifestyle. Check out MoneyMax.ph, an online platform that compares more than 100 cards from all the major banks in the Philippines for free. Its comparison tool lets you pick The One, whether you want the best deals, low interest, shopping perks, travel miles, cashback promos, and more. It also lists down associated fees and annual percentage rates, so you don’t have any surprise charges in the long run.


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