6 Reasons Why We Need Co-Working Spaces More than Ever

Words by Lori Dumaligan

You know that feeling of dread you get at night when thinking about work or school the next morning? It makes you wish for the luxury to work from home or from anywhere. You wish you could just stay home all day and skip work altogether. It could be because of one thing or another: the traffic in Manila or the long and cramped commute on the LRT. Or maybe you just are uninspired by your work environment.

As technology makes our lives more convenient, our digital age is changing workplace design. Nomadic working is becoming the norm–working on your computer in a cafe or being an entrepreneur and having a schedule that allows you to choose where you want to work rather than being in a traditional office space.

The landscape of work is changing. Now, we can be more productive than ever through the introduction of spaces designed to do so. An example of these are co-working spaces and these are several reasons why they are becoming more relevant today.

6. Not Cooped Up At Home

I asked a couple of friends where they prefer to work and most replied that they would like to work at home. But is working from home really the most productive and most efficient use of your time?

Co-working spaces provide an alternative! Sometimes working from home can get boring because you see the same thing every day. Being in different spaces and going out and about once in a while helps freshen up our eyes. It also allows us to be around different people which can be a positive thing. So, as the work environment is changing, co-working spaces can change up our routines.

It’s super easy to just give in to the temptation of doing everything at home on your computer and never going out. On the other hand, it can be a slow killing pill to go to an uninspiring traditional office.


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But these co-working spaces, if chosen right and if they fit your preferences (like the photo above), also provide a comfortable and yet productive atmosphere that will keep your work day fresh!

5. Better designed for productivity

As an interior design student, we are taught that a well-designed space is geared towards the needs of the user. In this case, most co-working spaces are designed for people to achieve the utmost productivity.

co working space 1

Photo: WeWork Weihai from Dezeen

This means a whole set up where it feels like a fusion of a home away from home, your dream office and proximity to a community of likeminded individuals. Since most co-working spaces house several startup companies, there are common areas for open discussions, lounging or networking.

This flow is highly encouraged by former Apple CEO Steve Jobs in their headquarters in California. Their HQ was intentionally designed for people to walk around and through common areas to be able to see people from different departments such as marketing or programming. This is intentional to nudge people to become more collaborative and also feed off each other’s productivity.

So in our digital age, we need better-designed co-working spaces since it can help us combat just sitting in front of our own screens or being around the same people all the time.

4. Flexibility

Another important thing to consider in a workplace is space to breathe–especially with a hectic lifestyle. Co-working spaces have the advantage of giving people flexibility with their time and place to work.

co working space 4

Photo: WeWork Weihai and Replica House Studios from Dezeen

They can be customizable according to your needs. You can choose your schedule, rent the spaces at specific times and you also have the luxury of services provided by the co-working space company. One such company in Manila is Penbrothers, they are a home to startups, they provide strategic advice in HR or marketing for their clients and more!


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So, co-working spaces are here to address the trend of wanting an environment that adapts to your lifestyle. This need for flexibility is what’s making co-working spaces popular and why it is becoming more relevant today.

3. More control over your time

What is more valuable than time?

Since the benefit of co-working provides flexibility, it can also give you the benefit of managing your time better. If you’re a company looking to hire new talent, a company like Penbrothers can source it for you and take care of your employees as well by giving them coaching and, of course, beautiful office spaces that have community events that foster growth and collaboration.


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So, there is more to co-working than meets the eye but the fact that it can allow you to manage your time and work more efficiently makes it a valuable asset.

2. Make better and more connections!

Imagine a space where entrepreneurs, startups and other self-driven people are bundled together in a productive atmosphere. Think of all the work they can do together and the amazing team dynamics they can produce.


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There are many possibilities in such a place like mentorship from successful people, emotional support from experienced people, and help in avoiding loneliness especially if you’re in a field where you don’t have many people you can relate to or who can understand what you’re going through.

This is another benefit of being in a co-working space, especially as jobs become more specialized and people become more isolated.

1. Thrive in the environment

In such a vibrant and diverse place full of energy, co-working spaces can have a positive influence on people because of their immersion in a well-designed space and their exposure to different kinds of talents. With that vibe, there’s nowhere but up!

Working from home or in public spaces comes with a lot of distractions like thinking of having to take out your trash or being around loud or toxic people in a coffee shop at the mall.


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But in a place like Penbrothers, you are given the opportunity to reach your full potential and learn from the best. Their company also reminds us that we need co-working spaces to think differently about how we normally do work. They remind us to discover alternative and more productive solutions that cater our needs.


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“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” – Henry Ford #Penbrothers #startup #team #success

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So, are you interested in making the switch? Why not try Penbrothers? Check out their website and social media to learn more!


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