6 Places in Australia That Are Perfect for Travelers Who Love to Chill and Sleep

Dreaming of a vacation takes a titular spin as the sleep tourism trend gains momentum. Burnt out from their busy lives, travellers are placing good rest at the top of their holiday wish list.

Australia, known for its laidback lifestyle, nourishing food, and restorative nature is the ultimate place to rejuvenate, and these new openings encourage you to top off the holiday with a fantastic night’s sleep.

Ardo Hotel

1. Ardo Hotel Credit Ardo Hotel

Photo: Ardo Hotel

Ardo Hotel in Tropical North Queensland, on Townsville’s waterfront, invites a new era of luxury in step with nature. The minimalist rooms invite a distraction-free sleep, and the setting invites you to clear the calendar and do nothing but relax and soak in the breathtaking 270-degree views over sun-drenched islands and an azure blue sea.


2. Blackbird Credit Tourism Australia

Photo; Tourism Australia

Blackbird, in the Byron Bay hinterland not only nourishes the soul but also the surrounding environment. The rustic retreat is built from recycled materials that helps rejuvenate fertile soil. The adult’s only accommodation gives you an excuse to shut out the noise of home and do nothing but relax, through sleep, massage, a range of mineral pools and a feast of organic meals.

Pavilions at Lenswood

3. Pavilions at Lenswood Credit Pavilions at Lenswood

Photo: Pavilions at Lenswood

Pavilions at Lenswood is the ultimate escape nestled in the elegant folds of Adelaide Hills. This prestigious property offers self-contained accommodation in six architecturally exquisite pavilions. We know that good sleep is about more than a good mattress – the other experiences in your day contribute to the quality of sleep. At Pavilions of Lenswood, rest is top of the agenda. Guests wake to gentle bleating of its resident alpacas in its out fields and can spend hours soaking in their private Japanese Cedar hot tub. They can prepare their body for rest by dining under the stars, before heading off to their chalet, and sleeping under the simple symmetry of the Art Deco era.

Hotel Sorrento

4. Hotel Sorrento Credit Tourism Australia

Photo: Tourism Australia

The relaxing coastal destination of Sorrento on the Mornington Peninsula is home to the new Hotel Sorrento, opening this December. Set to redefine seaside luxury guests can not only enjoy the incredible sleep a sea breeze brings and unparalleled views over the sparkling Port Phillip Bay but also enjoy luxurious amenities including a 30-metre pool and terrace, five separate bars, two signature restaurants, and a suite of spa experiences from soothing massages to rejuvenating fire and ice therapies.

The Lane Retreat

5. The Lane Retreat Credit Tourism Australia

Photo: Tourism Australia

New to the quaint Hunter Valley Wine Region is The Lane Retreat, ready to soothe the souls of burned-out city slickers. Set in natural bushland, dotted with breathtaking panoramic views of the Broken Back Range, the accommodation gives even workaholic travellers the reason they were looking for to switch off, and instead lounge by the swimming pool perhaps enjoying a delicious glass of wine or coffee alfresco.

Southern Ocean Lodge

6. Southern Ocean Lodge Credit Tourism Australia

Photo: Tourism Australia

Four hours south of Adelaide is the revamped Southern Ocean Lodge, reopening this month on Kangaroo Island. Wake up to panoramic views of Australia’s coastline and the peaceful sounds of nature from the clifftop. Relax the mind with spa treatments infused with local botanicals and rejuvenate with a dip in the hot and cold plunge pool, before hopping off for a guided excursion to connect with the unique wildlife all around.

Ann Lim, Country Manager of Singapore at Tourism Australia, says Australia has all the right elements to rejuvenate Singaporeans seeking respite from hustle culture.

“Singaporeans work some of the longest hours in the region and it’s hard to truly rest when the city itself never sleeps. The wide-open spaces in Australia, steeped in nature, remind Singaporeans they can take a breather. We’re seeing so many new accommodations expertly blending nature and luxury, in a way that forces you to slow down and invites you to enjoy the best possible sleep,” she says.