5 Ways to Know If Someone is ‘The One’

In this day and age, everything may seem temporary and short-lived. Remember that fleeting moment when you got an uno on your quiz but then got shattered during your final exam?

Now think of getting married. Just imagine having to pick the right partner and making sure may forever—pressure! To make things worse, you have that tita that keeps on asking: “Kailan ka ikakasal?” or “Tatanda ka nang mag-isa, sige ka” and you’re just there, thinking: Nothing is wrong with me. I’m just waiting for the right one to come along.

Let me tell you something: you’re doing it right. It’s okay to be like Ted Mosby and wait for the right one (although it took him 9 seasons before he met the mother)… but really, how can you know when someone is The One? Some happy couples – and even Anne Curtis! – share their This Is It moments with us.

5 Hints To Know It's The One

5 Ways to Know If Someone is ‘The One’

5. When your differences don’t bother you.

You know the saying “opposites attract“? It basically means that although you may have your differences, you still make it work. It won’t bother you at all because your differences complement each other. (Take this equation: she gets the Chickenjoy skin, you get the laman.) It’s utterly important that you both work on your differences. If you end up getting annoyed and giving up because of one misunderstanding, that may end it.

5 HInts To Know It's The One

4. You feel comfortable around them.

Uptight. *flinch* Would you want your forever to be controlling? Sure, they may need to be strict with your future kids, but if ou ever feel like you’re ‘The Under’, then they probably aren’t ‘The One’.

Home. Whenever he or she is around, it just feels like home. That every time you part ways, you just itch to see him or her because you just want to go home.

Look at the first words of each paragraph. If your special someone makes you feel like the latter, then no need to look further.

5 HInts To Know It's The One

3. ‘The One’ lets you be YOU.

One of the most stressful things about having a special someone is having to change for them. It gets worse when you start changing and your friends start to act aloof around you. It’s totally fine when they change you for the better. When you’re used to waking up late, they may motivate you to get up early, for example – that’s the kind of change we want.

What’s important is: you are still you and you don’t let them change you. It is forever when you still have a sense of independence.

5 HInts To Know It's The One

2. When you feel happy most of the time.

Much like number 4, you feel happy when you’re with them. You just feel like smiling in their mere presence without any reason at all. And when they start making an effort to keep that smile around? That proves that your happiness is their happiness, too.

Conflicts are there; petty fights will always be around; but if you’re happy most of the time you’re with them, then you just know it.

5 HInts To Know It's The One


As soon as I asked Anne Curtis the question:” How do you know it’s The One?” She answered without hesitation, “You just know.” You just get the feeling. No words can explain how you just know. That ‘Ito na yun. It’s the one‘ feeling just comes to you and it’s the best feeling knowing that you don’t have to wait anymore or look any further.

5 HInts To Know It's The One

To all the people who haven’t met theirs, it’s going to happen soon. To the ones who aren’t sure if it’s The One, time will come and it will be revealed to you.

Have you met ‘The One‘? Tell us about it in the comments and share your kilig moments with us!


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