5 Tips on How to Enjoy Traveling with Kids to the Fullest

5 Tips on How to Enjoy Traveling with Kids to the Fullest

As a mother, it can be quite taxing to decide on a trip to go on, especially when kids are involved. I am a single mother of a very, very hyper 4-year-old and simply thinking about going on a vacation with her sometimes sends chills up and down my spine. However, I also know how important it is to spend some time away from home and to build on her travel experiences while she is still a child – the same way  my parents did as I was growing up.

Fortunately, it is possible to plan out a fun and rewarding trip with kids, regardless of their age (believe it or not!). All it takes is some careful planning. Here are some tips to help you out.

5 Tips on How to Enjoy Traveling with Kids to the Fullest

5. Make sure you are visiting a child-friendly location.

When going on a trip, it is easy to get caught up in what you want to do and where you want to go. As a mother, however, it would be more important to find things to do and places to go to that both you and your kids can enjoy. Tagaytay is one easy place to get to that won’t hassle you out on the way and which has a lot of fun things to offer for both kids and parents alike.


View Park Hotel Tagaytay is one of my top picks for a quick and stress-free getaway with my daughter because they have a beautiful pool for adults and another one right next to it for kids. Plus, it is located right in front of Picnic Grove, so you can fly kites during the day, ride some horses and have a picnic together. 🙂

4. Take your time.

While you may want to make the most of your day/s off by cramming in everything that you want to do into a limited amount of time, it would be highly advisable not to do so when you are traveling with kids. Kids don’t like getting rushed into doing things. They also like sleeping in when staying somewhere foreign. With that in mind, try not to come up with a set itinerary. Instead, just go with the flow.


Let your kids enjoy the pool for as long as they want, even if that means not leaving the resort that you choose to stay in. Their priceless smiles of joy and your stress-free mindset afterwards will be well worth giving up seeing whatever you originally wanted to see – trust me.

3. Bring toys.

Toys are your best friend, no matter where you are. Whether you bring a tablet for your kid to play with (just make sure you have a working Wi-Fi connection if you do), a fun book for them to read out loud, a doll or robot that they can imaginary-play with, or even just some crayons and paper; toys will be your best friend when you travel.

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If you forget to bring something, sing songs together and make packing, cleaning up, getting ready to go out and everything else a fun thing. You can even play ‘I Spy’ during the road trip – easy peasy!

2. Plan ahead.

There’s nothing worse than reaching your destination and realising you forgot the baby wipes or the mosquito repellant and then having to shell out crazy amounts of money for it at your resort (they overcharge, no matter where you are, unfortunately).

So, make sure you have a checklist way before your trip and double-check and triple-check your bags before you leave. Several items that will come in handy should the moment call for it are packing cubes such as the ones by Eagle Creek, as well as Baggallini carry-all bags or light luggage from either Delsey or World Traveller, that will surely safeguard these belongings.

1. Pack responsibly.

On that note, make sure you pack responsibly, in general. In other words, don’t bring things you might not need on your trip. As a mom, I have irresponsibly packed countless times, bringing more shoes, bags and clothes with me than I actually needed – just in case. Well, traveling with kids is not the time to be fashown, fellow mommas. While it is definitely a plus, comfort and preparedness should always be more important than style. Fortunately, it is now possible to travel in both comfort and style with Travel Club’s latest collection.

Scribe Writing Essentials 5 Tips on How to Enjoy Traveling with Kids to the Fullest Travel Club

These bags aren’t too bulky and actually be packed into your luggage, so that you can change bags and bring a smaller one with you for the rest of the trip. Just take your pick from these different styles depending on your taste and your needs, and you’re good to go!

If you follow the tips above, any trip with the kids can become a stress-free, unforgettable and memorable one. So, don’t be scared to bring your kids with you the next time you want to go on a family trip. To make things even more memorable, why not take your kids to a place that you went to as a kid yourself? Better yet, why not gather round the entire clan and organize a big family reunion trip? Challenging, yes; but when carefully planned, this trip could be the best one yet that the entire family could all take part of.

5 Tips on How to Enjoy Traveling with Kids to the Fullest Travel Club

This blog post was inspired by The Travel Club, who reminded me that despite everything that is going on in my life, it is always important to have time for family. 🙂

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 5 Tips on How to Enjoy Traveling with Kids to the Fullest

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