5 Things to Look Out For in Japan

A relatively high number of Filipinos visited Japan this year, especially during the summer vacation. Japan’s been getting a lot of attention from tourists lately, not because it’s a “trend”, but because it’s simply a great place to explore a different culture! I mean, come on… authentic Japanese food is to die for. And the best part is that everyone can experience the awesomeness of Japan, because 1) it’s only a 4-hour plane ride from Manila, and 2) the Visa application is super quick and easy!

For our last family trip this summer, we explored the streets of Tokyo and Osaka. If you plan on going there yourself soon, here are five things that you should definitely look out for.


5 Things to Look Out For in Japan


5. The Rail Transport.

The best way to go around the city is by train. The train system in Japan is technologically advanced and frequently modified to fit the needs of the passengers. The train is the Japanese people’s major means of transportation, but it’s tourist-friendly, too! If you’re just going around Tokyo, availing of the Japan Rail Pass is highly recommended for a hassle-free commuting experience as it gives you unlimited rail travel for five days! It may cost quite the price, but trust me: it’s worth it!

Shinjuku Station, one of the busiest train stations in the world!

Shinjuku Station, one of the busiest train stations in the world!

Basically what every train station looked like

Basically what every train station looks like there.

4. Bright and vibrant streets.

Colorful billboards, kawaii stuff, unique buildings, graffiti, anime… Need I say more? These cities are bursting with color and life! Not every part of Japan looks like that, though. There are “dull” areas, as well, but everything still looks so organized and clean, so it’s still worth admiring.

The famous Shibuya Crossing

The famous Shibuya Crossing

A wall in Amerikamura, which is a place for Japanese pop culture

A wall in Amerikamura, a place for Japanese pop culture.

3. Fashion.

Just like any other country, Japan has a real sense of individuality when it comes to fashion. Most of them wore really “chill” outfits though – think of the clothes in Uniqlo or Muji – as they walked around in rubber shoes even if they didn’t quite fit their outfits. Hey, comfort over everything, right? On the other hand, there are areas in Japan where men were all in black and white suits; I called it Asia’s New York! As for the stereotypical expectations of people wearing cosplay outfits, I can say there were only a few. Not everyone in Japan walks around as if they came right out of an Anime show!

What people wore for a day in Disney Sea

What people wore for a day at Disney Sea

OOTD’s being taken in the Osaka Castle

OOTD’s being taken at the Osaka Castle

2. Palaces and temples.

These ancient structures are marvelous because of how they are preserved. Some of the temples and palaces in Japan were built in the 1600’s yet they still exist today! By visiting landmarks like these, we get an idea of what Japan looked like in the past.

One of the temples in Ueno Koen

One of the temples at Ueno Koen

The Osaka Castle

The Osaka Castle

1. The Food.

Is it just me or does everything in Japan taste much better compared to, well, everywhere else? Chocolates, fruits, ice cream, rice, soup, iced coffee – NAME IT. Don’t forget the authentic Japanese stuff such as sushi, tonkatsu and ramen. Remember that a trip to Japan is not complete without trying out their food!

Food from a little restaurant in Tokyo

Food from a little restaurant in Tokyo

What to Look Out For in Japan 10

An ice cream kiosk in the park

Japan is so fascinatingly wide, I’m sure that there’s so much more to explore, but make sure that you don’t miss out on these five things! Read up on this article for 14 Ways to Visit Japan on a Budget, too. It’s super helpful!