5 Reasons Why Black Maria Cinema Should Be Your Next Beshie Date

You aren’t a film snob. It’s just that you appreciate and support independent films more. Now, you don’t have to worry about your most awaited independent films being moved out of the mall theatres in just a few days time. Black Maria Cinema is here to let your indie movie stay for a while.

5 Reasons Why Black Maria Cinema Should Be Your Next Beshie Date

5. Black Maria Cinema is a family legacy.

The owners, Angelo Santos, his wife Sarah and his sister Pat, share the same dream as their grandparents. Black Maria Cinema was once a final screening room of SQ Film Productions which was owned by their grandparents and produced a number of quality films including Kambal Sa Uma (1979), and Ang Huling Lalaki ng Baluarte (1978). Even though celluloid film is now outdated, the next generation knows that the business is still worth keeping.

Since movie production is in their blood, they put in effort to preserve the legacy, moving from celluloid to digital technology and renaming their production company to Black Maria Pictures. And for the private screening room, it has been turned into a micro cinema with the name Black Maria Cinema.


4. It comes with Micro Cinema feels.

Despite Netflix and iflix taking over, it is still nice to sit in a dark movie room with like-minded strangers that are there mostly for hanging out and interaction and not the high-end experience gigantic cineplexes have to offer. The perks of micro cinemas include filmmakers and actors being able to interact with the audience after the screening for a deeper understanding of the film. Plus, Black Maria Cinema allows alcohol inside. Just make sure you drink moderately so you don’t want to lose control inside the movie house, pretty please.

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3. There is a flamingo-themed cafe beside the cinema.

Ponder on the subliminal meaning of an indie movie with your beshie at a flamingo themed cafe, Santiago’s. The name comes from Angelo’s son; the restaurant is being managed by his sister Pat. Since the business is inspired by their family, most of the menu is named after the sons and daughters of the owners. Most of the meals are also specialties of their mother.

1532807000199Ms. Patricia Santos, one of the owners of Black Maria Cinema and Santiago’s Cafe

2. It is a full blast movie experience.

Black Maria is not just another microcinema. It has 30 seats in front of a 20ft screen with 2K digital cinema projection and 7.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound. A beautiful independent film deserves to be experienced this way.

1. It is the ultimate home for indie movies.

We all know how cruel the world is and the film industry cannot get away from that. Business just tends to win over art appreciation.

This makes us wonder how many worthy-to-be-seen indie films haven’t gotten the chance to be screened for a large audience. Thanks to Black Maria Cinema, there is now a venue for this. The owners are producers themselves so they know how important it is for a worthy film to be screened even with minimal profit. Film appreciation definitely isn’t dead in the Philippines.

Black Maria Cinema

779 San Rafael St, Mandaluyong