5 Places You Can Take the Fam Bam if You’re Sick of Malls

Living in the urban jungle can prove to be challenging to many parents as a lack of space for where their children can play and essentially just be themselves. But despite these glaring obstacles, there are a few gems in the heart of the city especially #WhenInMakati that prove to be little sanctuaries perfect for the whole family.

5. Salcedo Park

A huge playground sits on one side of the park, and an open grass space in another. Salcedo sits right at the heart of this residential-slash-commercial neighborhood and offers a sanctuary for weary office-goers and urban dwellers. Visit on Saturdays for the Salcedo Market, and for Art in the Park for outdoor exhibits.


4. Legazpi Active Park

Another little escape just behind office spaces and commercial areas, Legazpi Park is a few roads down Ayala and Valero, and offers a more peaceful side of the city. Here you’ll find families on weekends and afternoons either lounging around or playing with the children. Visit on Sundays for the Legazpi Market.


Photo from: Sabel Em

3. Washington Sycip Park

Adjacent to Legaspi Park is the Washington Sycip Park, characterized by its huge trees and spawning flora. The park is perfect for R&R, lined with benches, gazebos, artworks and a pond that runs through the whole of it. Relaxing music is also played out of speakers camouflaged as rocks in the area.


Photo from: Jo Acuin

2. Ayala Triangle

Literally in the heart of Makati, this park sits in between the city’s main roads and is a haven for office-goers who need a breather from their workspace, or a place to squeeze in a quick jog. On the weekends however, families flock to this green space to bond in the number of quaint restaurants that line the park’s main pathway.


1. Don Pedro Street, Poblacion

This strip along Poblacion is quickly gaining popularity for its hip establishments mushrooming in the area. When the roads aren’t too busy, the area is fun to walk around and features all types of restaurants and cafes. Check out Pura Vida for Costa Rican grub and a chill sunset vive, while Bucky’s just a few doors down will satisfy your child’s sweet tooth.


6. The Alley at Karrivin Plaza

Behind the office spaces in this nondescript address along Pasong Tamo Extension, The Alley is a backdoor of wonders. Depicting an outdoor alley, it is filled with greens and quirky finds, with something for everyone. Dine at Toyo Eatery, have coffee at Writer’s Block, or even do your tita shopping at their many curated shops, including an art gallery as the kids discover the open-air space.


But the best place to really just relax and kick it with your family is within the confines of your home –especially if that home offers venues for such bonding. The San Antonio Residence is located conveniently within Makati so that it is near the main schools, offices, hospitals, just to name a few. But it is its family-oriented amenities that truly set it apart from the rest of the high-rises. It features a unique B.O.N.D. Area, an outdoor space dedicated to parent-children relationships; Hideaway/ Reading Nook; Infinity Pool; Gym; Dance Studio and Outdoor Fitness Area where you can get fit alongside your kids. A Community Mall at its base is also ideal for convenience of residents who don’t want to stray too far away from home.

What other places do you go to when you’re not in the mood for malls?