5 Kilig Moments from Why Don’t We’s The Invitation Tour in Manila

As a music lover, I always explore new music during my free time. In fact, that’s how I discovered Why Don’t We. Since watching them on MYX, I got hooked on their songs Trust Fund Baby, Hooked and Talk, even downloading them on Spotify later on.

That’s why I was so excited for Why Don’t We’s The Invitation Tour in Asia, our stop of which happened on August 26 at the Samsung Hall of SM Aura Premier.

5 Kilig Moments from Why Don’t We’s The Invitation Tour in Manila

5. Their intimate fan service

Their meet and greet with the fans was so close and intimate:

These lucky fans must have done something good in their past lives to deserve this kind of fan service. I super envy them tbh!

During the concert, a group of girls near the stage also got the chance to take selfies with Why Don’t We!

4. Their care for the fans

Why Don’t We asked their fans to sit down so that they wouldn’t get hurt. Aww. So sweet!

This is also the first concert that I went to that had all of the concert goers sitting on the floor before Why Don’t We came on stage. I love how the boys were concerned about the concert goers all throughout the concert, constantly checking whether their fans are okay. They’re so sweet! *insert hearts emoji*

3. Their mash-ups

Why Don’t We sang a mashup of songs, including Ed Sheeran’s Shape of You, Bruno Mars and Cardi B’s Finesse. They also performed Gucci Gang mash-up. My energy got hyped up because of these songs. I super loved them!

2. Their appreciation of the Philippines’ love and support

The guys of Why Don’t We were so overwhelmed by the love and support that they got here in the Philippines because of their Filipino Limelights fans.

Jonah of Why Don’t We thanked the fans for streaming their music and for making the number one streams on Spotify here in the Philippines. Zach of Why Don’t We mentioned that his mom grew up here in the Philippines (he’s a quarter Filipino!).

They were also thankful for the parents who went to the concert with their kids. The boys were super appreciative.

Here’s Why Don’t We’s message for the Filipino Limelight fans:

1. Their live performance

When they played Trust Fund Baby at the concert, I teared up. By the time the last song played, I was still looking for more and ended up playing my WDW playlist on my way home. Hearing my fave WDW songs live made me appreciate them more. It was like they were serenading me and the rest of the Filipino Limelights that night. So kilig! *insert hearts emoji*


Why Don't We The Invitation Tour 7

This night was memorable, not just for me, but also for Why Don’t We itself and the Filipino Limelights fans. I’m definitely looking forward to their next concert here in the Philippines.

Why Don't We The Invitation Tour 1

Special thanks to Wilbros Live and Warner Music Philippines for making Why Don’t We’s The Invitation Tour in Manila possible and for bringing the boys to the Philippines!


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