5 Fun Activities You Can Try at Pinkie’s Farm, Batangas

When people think about the fun things to do in Batangas, visiting a farm isn’t usually at the top of their minds. Most people would opt to go to the sandy beaches, but I personally think that a place called Pinkie’s Farm deserves a special spot in your itinerary.

Pinkie’s Farm manufactures all-natural milk products from grass-fed cows. However, it’s not just any ordinary farm. What really caught my interest about this place is the fact that it has become a real tourist spot. The owners welcome farm-curious people to visit their lands and learn more about dairy. Everyone gets to experience all kinds of fun activities like pastillas making, cow milking, feeding calves, and tasting farm fresh milk products!

5 Fun Activities You Can Try at Pinkie’s Farm, Batangas

5. Pastillas Making

Filipinos LOVE pastillas. Whether it’s homemade or bought from the provinces, you’d better call dibs because everybody wants a piece.

One of the first activities I tried was watching a pastillas-making demo while one of the speakers discussed the history of Pinkie’s Farm. The farm had humble beginnings — from starting with just three pregnant cows to over 100 cows to date! It was fun hearing their story as we patiently waited for the pastillas to be cooked.

The real fun started when we got to start rolling up the mixture. As you can see, it’s a very family-friendly activity that everyone can enjoy.

First, you roll it up and then wrap it around the paper that also contains famous Filipino salawikain sayings. I found this clever and funny at the same time.

The best part is seeing the finished product and being able to eat it after! The pastillas are very delicious. Even without dipping them in sugar, you can taste the sweet milky flavor. You can also pack some of the pastillas you prepared for your loved ones at home.

4. Farm Tour

After the pastillas making, we got the chance to see the entire compound. We saw SO MANY cows just roaming around and eating the grass.

I was pretty surprised to see black and white cows because normally you only see them in milk cartons or in pictures from New Zealand.

We also got to go around the barn where most of the milking action happens. The facilities are simple and safe. The owners have certainly kept the welfare of the cows and the people in mind.

3. Demo and Practice of Cow Hand-Milking

I don’t know about you, but milking a cow has always been part of my bucket list. I’ve seen it so many times on TV and I’ve always wondered where I could actually try it.

When I heard that Pinkie’s Farm lets you try hand milking a cow, I immediately wanted to visit! It was such a funny and enlightening experience.

I learned so much about a cow’s anatomy and how milking actually benefits not only us, but the cows, as well.

2. Bottle Feeding of Calves

Another favorite activity of mine from Pinkie’s Farm is getting firsthand experience of bottle-feeding calves!

I even got to feed calves as young as two days old! They usually drink cow’s milk, as well, and they’re pretty aggressive.

It was so cute to see kids feeding the calves because you could see the excitement in their faces!

1. Product Tasting

At the end of the tour, we got to taste a lot of their bestsellers. I must say, the products certainly do not compromise on quality. If you’re from Manila and you plan to visit Pinkie’s Farm, I suggest bringing coolers so you can safely store all of the products that you want to bring back home. You’ll REGRET not buying any.

I was lucky enough to taste the kesong puti (best I’ve ever tasted), strawberry yogurt, mango milk, choco milk, and the fresh full cream milk.

Each one was absolutely DELICIOUS. I’m not even kidding. Moreover, it’s really fresh from the cow unlike other products we see in the supermarkets that are just made from milk powder.

My personal favorite is the strawberry yogurt. If you live in Manila, you can buy their products at All Day Supermarket!

All in all, my tour around Pinkie’s Farm was a very unique experience. The activities are definitely out of the ordinary but extremely fun nonetheless. If you want to try something new with your loved ones, attend the scheduled tours at Pinkie’s Farm!

Pinkie’s Farm

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