5 Beaches in the Philippines You Shouldn’t Miss

The Philippines is on of the world’s most beautiful countries for many reasons: its ridiculously friendly people, delicious food, raw wildlife, and a lot of untouched landscapes are just a couple to name. One of the biggest reasons why this country is so extremly popular, though, is the number of pristine beaches it has. During my time in the Philippines, I was blown away by almost all of the ones I have seen. Still, there are some that I found to be even more beautiful than others…

5 Beaches in the Philippines You Shouldn’t Miss

Paliton Beach

As stated in this post, there are lots of reasons to visit the Philippines, but the beaches are some of the biggest ones. You’ll realize that pretty quickly when you see Paliton Beach. This diamond belongs to a small island called Siquijor Island, which lies to the South of Cebu. You can reach it by taking a boat from the mainland to the nearby island called Negros. From there, take a bus to Dumaguete and then another boat to Siqujor Island. Once there, it’s just another 15-minute scooter ride to Paliton Beach.

DSC 0124 1

This place is one of the most beautiful spots on the whole island. You won’t really find any tourists here because not too many of them know about this lovely place. Fallen off coconuts, huge palm trees, and the finest sand make this beach one of the best I have ever seen.

DSC 0048 2

Sunset at Siquijor Island

Because Paliton Beach heads towards the West, you’ll have an absolutely wonderful sunset on top of that. (Just be aware of sand flies…)

DSC 0132 1

Salagdoong Beach

Salagdoong Beach also lies on Siquijor Island and is a MUST SEE when visiting Siquijor. This beach is way more popular than Paliton Beach because it has some big cliffs to jump off of (10-12m), as well as a couple of good restaurants and hotels. The colour of the water at Salagdoong Beach is not from this world – a mix of dark green and dark blue with some light blue spots in-between. So pretty!

DSC 0108 2

What a great spot

The temperature of the water is set at around 28-30°C almost all year long. Additionally, you’ll almost always have sunny weather at Salagdoong Beach, thanks to the quite constant climate on Siquijor Island (except during the rainy season)!

Besides the beautiful colour of the water, Salagdoong Beach also has some great snorkeling areas full of corals and all types of fish. Amongst others, you’ll get to see giant frogfish, ornate ghost pipefish, and maybe some Spanish dancers. Salagdoong Beach is also a great spot for divers; so if you belong to the diving family, make sure to keep this place in mind! 😉

DSC 0137 1

What a water colour

Twin Beach

Twin Beach belongs to the famous island of Palawan. Palawan is known as one of the most travelled islands in the Philippines because of its surreal beauty.

The most known place is probably El Nido, which lies very close to Twin Beach.

From El Nido, you’ll only need about 45 minutes on a tricycle to get to Twin Beach. It’s not that easy to reach Twin Beach, though, because you have to drive on some bumpy dirt roads to get there. As such, you’ll need some solid driving skills.

DJI 0016

Twin Beach from above

Once you reach it, though, I promise you that you won’t believe your eyes. When I hit Twin Beach for the first time, I felt like one of the actors in “Lost”.

Even though Twin Beach is quite famous in the area, it’s still very untouched. You’ll only find a 3-4 beach restaurants there. What makes it unique is the fact that almost no one comes to this place, making it the perfect getaway for peace-seeking travellers. Besides that, you might find the best sunset of the whole Philippines at this hidden gem…

DSC 0243

Sunset at Twin Beach

Why? Because you’ll see a magical combination out of the shades from the silhouettes of El Nido’s huge limestone karsts at the horizon right next to the dark orange setting sun. When I saw this for the first time, it honestly took my breath away for a couple of seconds. Truly beautiful!

Nacpan Beach

Right next to Twin Beach, you’ll find an even more impressive beach. Nacpan Beach is slowly becoming more and more famous and I think in a couple of years, it will be an absolute tourist magnet because of its insane beauty. Nacpan Beach is about 1 km in size and is slightly curvy. Along a wall of huge palm trees, you’ll find one of the finest and whitest sands I have ever walked on. The turquoise water colour and the jungle hills in the back are perfect additions to the whole scenery, giving it a slightly dramatic touch.

DJI 0015

Nacpan Beach from above

When I was there, I only met 3 people on the whole beach. This is the definition of being lost in paradise. For me, Nacpan Beach is easily under the top 10 of the best beaches I have seen in my life so far and to be honest, I have already been to a fair amount of incredibly beautiful beaches (like Whitehaven Beach, for example). There is just something about Nacpan Beach you just can’t compare…

DJI 0007

How great is this view

Duli Beach

Duli Beach is located about 20 minutes North of Nacpan Beach. This place is even more secluded than Nacpan Beach and Twin Beach. From what I have seen, there is just one surf shop/bar at the beach with a size of about 2 km. How crazy is that? 😀

DJI 0023

Duli Beach is really beautiful

Duli Beach is known to be a good surf spot. For about 6 months per year, Duli Beach has pretty decent surfing conditions. On some days, waves can go as high as 3m. The beach itself is easily as beautiful as all the other 4 ones – maybe even better because of its unbelievable remoteness. You would normally never expect a beach as pretty as this one to be this lonely. Honestly, Duli Beach is the perfect place if you just want to free your head and chill out for an unlimited period of time 🙂

DSC 0396

Such a lonely beach

Of course, I could name lots of other divine beaches, but if you start with these 5, you’ll already get a very good impression of what the Philippines has to offer 😀