4 Reasons Why Millennials Deserve to Travel

As millennials, we would always hear how we allegedly spend “too much” on travel. Guilty as charged, I am one of those who always wants to score that on-sale plane ticket and post about the trip online. That being said, I’d like to point out a few reasons why we deserve to travel at least once in a while.

4. We are hardworking.

With the advancement of technology, work doesn’t really stop the moment you leave the office. It follows you everywhere you go and even if we disregard an email/message sent during the weekends, the thought of having them unread hunts us. We just want to get it over with. It’s both a blessing and a curse. A vacation gets us to appreciate the value of what we work hard for. Batanes is the perfect place to disconnect from SMS and WiFi and reconnect to yourself.


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3. We need to replenish our soul.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not being cheesy. We love our jobs, it’s what makes us who we are in this huge world we wish to explore… plus, it gets us to afford where we want to go. However, just like all other kinds of love, it can still be overwhelming. We are passionate workers and traveling helps us overcome burnout. This is how we stay productive in the office and our inspiration to do better is to be able to bank on more memories like this. Going to Cebu was my first flight with friends and it was really one for the books!

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2. We learn to appreciate the life we’re living.

Traveling, no matter how far or what the adventure is, is stepping away from our comfort zone. We may climb mountains, hike trails, jump cliffs, surf waves, and more… but we will always get back home. We could be bursting with excitement at first but when we’re already fulfilled, we then miss our lives back there. It’s like zooming out, seeing a wider perspective, and realizing life can be better or worse. At Puerto Princesa, I got to experience bike zip line, go-kart racing and hiking to Olangoan Falls.

1. We grow.

Each experience teaches us – culture, language, history… It broadens our knowledge and makes us understand how the world works, seeing what’s been taught to us at school brought to life. Our social skills are also put to test when we try to ask for directions, check in hotels or order food. Going to different places made me realize that knowing the people you’ll be talking to helps you communicate better, a fundamental skill in my job. Flying to HongKong made me realize these things, plus it’s an out of the country trip I can afford at the moment.

This is our generation and we’re taking advantage of whatever we can make use of beneath our grasps. Personally, I’m not just posting photos for likes, it’s a personal reminder of how far I’ve come. There’s nothing wrong with satisfying our wanderlust, we work hard to afford it and more.

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