4 Reasons Why Giving a Bike Will Leave You Feeling Happy and Fulfilled

There’s just something about riding a bike that brings sheer joy and excitement. There’s this feeling of being free and in charge, as the wind blows hard against your face and the sun smiles on you, letting you pedal away to your own destination. What can be a better feeling than sharing that thrill with other people?

If you want to see more people smiling this Christmas, consider giving love and happiness by giving out a bike. Sure, riding a bike feels like a fun thing to do by yourself or with family and friends, but it can be a lot of things, too. It can be a form of exercise, mode of transport, and if given to the right people can be something that can alter the course of someone’s life.

Here we give you four reasons why giving a bike this Christmas will leave you feeling happy and fulfilled:

4. You will be promoting a healthier lifestyle

Riding a bike is known to offer a lot of health benefits. It has been proven to do wonders for mental and physical health. If keeping fit is on your agenda, then going out for a bike ride will make an excellent start. Give someone a bike and let them live a healthier life.

3. You might encourage someone to embrace the frugal life

Yes, if you go ride a bike every day to work or to school, then you’ll definitely be saving money (and the environment). Riding a bike instead of getting on buses and cars will let you grow your funds rather than spend all your money on transportation.

2. You will be helping someone see the world

Bicycles can practically go anywhere. Experience what the world has to offer by riding a bike, see all the little details, breathe in the clean mountain air, enjoy the wind blowing through your hair, appreciate everything around you, and just simply take charge and be one with nature.

1. You will change someone’s life

If you start riding a bike everywhere, you’ll most likely begin to notice the changes in your life. Give a bike now and find yourself changing someone’s life. It can be a friend, a family member, or someone far. Give a bike now and feel happy and fulfilled.

Loola, in partnership with Bikes for the Philippines, is currently raising funds for the children in Mindanao. This is your chance to change someone’s life. If you buy a bike gift set worth Php 500, you’ll be helping children get a bike that they can use to go to school. The bike will be of huge help. With bikes, they will no longer have to walk for hours along unsafe terrains every day.

Let’s encourage these children to keep going to school. To shop for a Bike Gift Set and help a child, go here.

Do you ride a bike? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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