3 Cool Places in Taiwan to Visit with Your Barkada

“Na-book ko na yung plane tickets to Taiwan! Sa March tayo!” (I already booked our tickets to Taiwan! We leave in March!) said one of my good friends over Messenger one chilly November morning.

Funny how I received this message while I was on my hostel bed in Taipei trying to fight the persistent drowsiness brought about by a red-eye flight. I was only in Taiwan for a good few hours, and there I was, already being notified that I’d be back in four month’s time. The high school friends that I was with that time simply gave out a hearty laugh and said, “Friend! You’re making the most out of VISA-free travel!”

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Fast forward to March, I found myself with five awesome college friends marveling at the beauty of natural rock formations, screaming our hearts out from all the crazy fun rides at an underrated amusement park, and munching on heavenly goodies at one of the most vibrant places in the world! If you’re ever travelling to Taiwan with your barkada, don’t miss out on these places!

3 Cool Places in Taiwan to Visit with Your Barkada

Yehliu Geopark

Yehliu Geopark is known for its natural rock formations, most notably the Queen’s Head. For TWD80, you’ll get to see several unique geological formations. If you avail of a tour from Klook, you’ll most probably drop by the Yin Yang Sea and the Golden Stream, which are equally beautiful!

Geological formations

Candle rocks

Yin Yang Sea – The Sea of Two Colors

The Golden Stream

Leofoo Village Theme Park

Compared to Disneyland and Universal Studios, Leofoo Village Theme Park is relatively unknown to many. However, if you’re a fan of Running Man, a South Korean variety show, you might remember an episode where some cast members and guests had to go through a thrilling roller coaster ride as a penalty.

The said roller coaster a.k.a the Screaming Condor can be found in Leofoo Village and is a must-try for all the adrenaline junkies out there! Here’s the thing, though: the Screaming Condor is just a warm-up compared to the other crazy fun rides found in this theme park.

Running Man Challenge!

The Screaming Condor

If you are planning to drop by Leofoo, make sure to try Pagoda’s Revenge, Old Oil Well, and the most nerve-wrecking of all: the Ring of Fire!

Read on for the last attraction you shouldn’t miss out on when in Taiwan!


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