27 Filipino Video Game Streamers We Love

How do you spend your weekday nights after work? How do you spend your weekends? I don’t know about you, but I like to de-stress with a few games and when I’m too tired to focus on a game, I sometimes like to watch other people play. Some of our local video game streamers are actually so fun to watch that I instantly press the play button whenever I’m lucky enough to catch them live. Here are some of them:

27 Filipino Video Game Streamers We Love

27. Maria Buvelle aka Sillykonpeito



Maria Buvelle has been streaming for almost a year now. In fact, she is about to reach her streaming anniversary this August 24! Maria shares that she has been playing video games since high school, though she never really went pro. When someone told her to give streaming a try, she did, and here she is now. “I’m happy to share my love of games with everyone,” she exclaims.

26. Amanda Magdalena Zamora aka Maggiekarp


Amanda Magdalena Zamora started streaming earlier this year because she enjoys playing video games and wants to share that with people. “Being able to interact with chat and gaming keeps me going,” she adds. Amanda’s main hobby and passion is gaming, and she focuses on the FPS genre. She admits that she doesn’t really do much on the side since most of her free time is spent on her PC. “Streaming is my career and most of the things I do outside of streaming involve video games anyway,” she shares. She used to be a Marketing major, though, taking up Marketing Management in DLSU.

25. Michael Belaya aka Kyaaah Gaming


Kyaaah Gaming

Michael Belaya has been streaming for half a year now because he wanted to help his family while doing what he loves at the same time. Aside from streaming, Michael also likes to dance, cook, and mukbang.

24. Van Holiday


Van Holiday

Van Holiday streams a variety of different games everyday, most notably Grand Theft Auto V. Hr also posts reaction videos and memes, and shares tidbits of his personal life, making him feel like a real friend that you follow on the Internet.

23. Coach BYB


Coach BYB is a gamer, DotA 2 coach/analyst, and a content creator. He joined Execration as an offlaner back in 2015 and then joined The International 2016. He also won at the MPGL Southeast-Asian Championship as an offlaner, beating MVP Phoenix 2 – 0.

22. Omz Villaroman aka Omz



Omz Villaroman admits that he didn’t actually know he would become a streamer until he decided to stream one day and people loved it. “Some people have even told me that I’m their stress reliever,” he laughs. “Knowing that is enough reason for me to be a streamer.” Streaming aside, Omz loves sports (mainly basketball) and music (the guitar is his instrument).

21. Zedrick John Macario aka Zedelish



Zedrick Macario started streaming back in 2017, though he wasn’t consistent in the beginning, because he enjoys gaming and wants to share the laughter and fun with other people, as well as inspire them and bring positive vibes. He also likes to play basketball.

20. Mark Aban aka Grappler Daddy


Grappler Daddy

At 43, Mark Aban thinks he might be the oldest Official Filipino Facebook Gaming streamer. “I’m one of the people who represents gaming dads out there,” he shares.As a kid, he spent his Saturdays playing Atari; and during his high school and college days, he spent all of his free hours playing King of Fighters with his friends at Worlds of Fun.

Mark is a full time variety streamer, but he also has his own photo and video coverage business.”I played PC games all the time so I decided why not stream it? I didn’t care if there was no one watching the stream. But if there were people watching, I enjoyed talking to them while playing,” he says. His wife and three teenagers all support his passion for streaming. When he isn’t streaming, Mark trains in Muay Thai and Brazilian Jiujitsu.

19. Evan Paul Ramos aka Emperor Kaji


Emperor Kaji

Evan Ramos has been streaming for two years now. He started streaming at Twitch for six months before switching to Facebook gaming where he plays now. “I’ve been playing games for as long as I can remember,” Evan shares. “One of my greatest passions is to entertain people. I decided to stream because it’s the combination of the two things I love to do: playing games and making people laugh.”

Evan is actually an ex-professional League of Legends player for the Imperium professional team and also TNC. He also does vlogs on his YouTube channel, KajiTV.

18. Aya Ezmaria


Aya Ezmaria 2

Aya Ezmaria is currently a game streamer under AMPLFY and an events host. Besides being a gamer, she is also an airsofter under Team RedWing and an amateur traceuese (parkour practitioner). She has recently also added Muay Thai to her weekend pastimes.

17. Suzzysaur



Suzzysaur is a Filipina streamer, seamstress, gamer, Rumble Royale mascot, and ambassador. Her personal interests include League of Legends, Shiba Inu, sewing, Rumble Royale, streaming, gaming, e-sports, and sushi. She can make customized products, like jackets, plushies, pillows, and more!

16. Aeriel Anne Garcia


Aeriel Anne Garcia

Aeriel Anne Garcia is a commercial model, gamer, streamer, and tierOne talent. She plays various games, including PUBG, Counter Strike GO and even Hotel Hideaway. She also posts other videos on her page, wherein you can get to know her better as a person.

15. Raemon Oscar Bingcang aka Razzie Binx


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Raemon Bingcang has been streaming for about a year and a month now. Since he already used to make content on YouTube, he decided to stream because it allows him to express himself more and create more content. Raemon admits that the past year was a bit difficult having to juggle streaming, YouTube videos, and his academics; but he wanted to prove that anything is possible with proper time management and priorities.

Before streaming, Raemon was taking nursing because he wanted to be a doctor. He graduated cum laude in nursing. He is currently reviewing for Nursing Local Boards, as well, and will still pursue medical school in the future. “For now, I will create quality content for my loyal fans,” he says.

14. Weigibbor Labos


Weigibbor Labos

Weigibbor Labos began streaming last 2017 with Rules of Survival because he wanted to show how fun it is, as well as entertain people at the same time. “I didn’t even expect a lot of people would watch my streams,” he admits. Weigibbor shares that he doesn’t waste his time just enjoying games. Instead, he really considers it as his means to earn money. Weigibbor currently focuses on playing Mobile Legends as part of the Aether Family.

Aside from playing online games, Weigibbor also loves to dance, act, and sing. He also does films and vlogs. One of his most distinguished achievements is his song ‘Panaginip’.

13. Ariane Mae Baluyot aka YuriGaming


Yuri Gaming

Ariane Baluyot has been part of the streaming community for 1.5 years now because of her passion for online gaming. One of the first mobile games that she became addicted to is Mobile Legends. “I decided to stream this because I love talking to people and hearing their feedback,” she shares. “When I saw that my viewers are happy and are enjoying my stream, I turned it into a career.” Eventually, Facebook Gaming discovered her, and Moonton even chose her to be one of the Selected Streamers for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. “I am so thankful for my family and my viewers who keep supporting me and for all of my friends in the gaming community.

12. Dota Circle


Dota Circle

Dota Circle is perfect for everyone who is looking for good vibes before bed or anytime during the day, really. His streams aren’t the only things full of good vibes, either. His whole page is full of things that will make you smile and laugh – definitely a great way to keep the happiness going!

11. Rojean Delos Reyes


Rojean Delos Reyes

Rojean Delos Reyes mostly streams and talks about Mobile Legends on her page. She sometimes also plays other games, including horror games and posts a lot of cute OOTDs.


9. GLOCO Gaming


GLOCO Gaming

GLOCO dubs himself as the “craziest Filipino gamer on YouTube”. He loves anime, video games, and everything else that’s geeky and weird. You might also notice his slight addiction to fishing.

8. Inzaiplays Esports



Inzai streams live on his Facebook page everyday from Monday to Sunday, oftentimes even playing 1v1 Mobile Legends games with his viewers. He also posts funny highlight videos that are definitely worth watching, as well as funny memes to get you through the day.

7. CHoOx TV



CHoOX TV mostly plays Mobile Legends during his streams, using different characters and even trying out unique builds for various characters. If you’re a huge Mobile Legends fan, his streams are a great way to pass the time, even learning new things about your favorite ML heroes you might not have known before.

6. Bianca Yao aka Biancake



Bianca Yao started playing video games when she was 10, and joined competitive tournaments when she was 13. Her brief competitive gaming career ended when she joined MineskiTV to become a shoutcaster. She still continues to play games, though. On Facebook, she states that the main reason why she stayed in eSports is to prove all of the doubters wrong. “I wanna show them that you can maintain your scholarship while being active in eSports,” she shares.

Aside from playing games, Bianca also loves to play the guitar, sing, and watch the NBA. She is an avid fan of the San Antonio Spurs.

5. Dexie Diaz


Dexie Diaz Mobile Legends

Aside from being an actress, Dexie Diaz is also an avid game streamer and a cosplayer with some of her Mobile Legends streams garnering tens of thousands of views!

4. Megan Young


Megan Young

Megan Young is best known as an actress and as Miss World 2013, but this Filipino-American beauty also likes to stream video games. A self-confessed geek, Megan also loves to read, watch movies, and, well, play video games.

In case you didn’t know yet, we have a page dedicated to all things gaming. In fact, we actually hired some gamers recently to be part of our When in Manila team and stream for us, as well:

When in 2

Watch Abe Barreda and RA Rodriguez as they stream all types of games: from PC games to mobile games to console games. Catch their streams daily at https://www.facebook.com/WhenInManilaPlays

And now here are our top 3 local video game streamers in the Philippines:

3. Moymoy Palaboy


Moymoy Palaboy

Moymoy Palaboy consists of Moymoy (short hair) and Roadfill (big hair). They originated from their YouTube channel of the same name and now fill our lives with happiness through their Facebook page filled with memes, funny videos, and funny posts, in general. Of course, they stream a variety of games, as well, including The Walking Dead, Mobile Legends, and Grand Theft Auto. The duo have also appeared on TV and have even won awards as comedians. Their song ‘Lumayo ka man sa Laklak’ has also won several awards.

2. Alodia Gosiengfiao


Alodia Gosiengfiao gaming

Cosplay queen Alodia Gosiengfiao is also a gamer. She plays all sorts of games and cosplays as the characters in them once in a while. Alodia doesn’t shy away from any particular genre, trying anything new or interesting. She also has a Facebook group called Alodia’s Playground where gamers from all over the world get together to talk about gaming.

1. Akosi Dogie


Akosi Dogie

Akosi Dogie needs no introduction. One of the most famous video game streamers in the Philippines, Akosi Dogie offers the type of entertainment that anyone – professional gamer or not – will surely love.

What’s your favorite video game right now and which streamers do you love to watch?