2 Sugar Babies Share What It’s Like to Have a Sugar Daddy

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Since Father’s Day is coming up, we would like to celebrate all kinds of fathers: biological dads, stepdads, and all types of father figures. We’d like to make it more inclusive by also recognizing alternative fathers, like zaddies and sugar daddies. Without them, sugar babies won’t be able to sustain the lifestyle they’re used to.

Since we’re curious about the sugar lifestyle, we decided to speak with two sugar babies about the lives they lead, what they get, and tips on how to snag your own daddy. We’re taking notes:


Coco has an interesting way of meeting her sugar daddies. Unlike traditional methods (at least in the smartphone age) like Seeking Arrangement, Coco met both her current sugar daddies, or SDs, on different platforms. One on Instagram, the other on LinkedIn. Yes, LinkedIn, as in the site where people look for jobs and potential employees.

According to Coco, she was just doing her day job and making as many connections for her company when he sent her a message. He told her he liked the things she was publishing and they became close. One day, “I told him I have other ‘gigs’ aside from my day job, he was intrigued, and then it happened.”

“I don’t use sugar dating apps [because] I have very specific things I look for a guy to be my Daddy. It’s not just about financial support. That’s the type of SDs  you can meet on apps like Seeking Arrangement.”

Beyond money, what Coco searches for in a sugar daddy is emotional support, good communication, and pleasure. According to her, “it’s two-way.”

Coco adds that every relationship and agreement is different in terms of compensation. The guy from Instagram has been her sugar daddy for three years, and their relationship started with him giving her money every time she’d show “things” on camera. She says, “over time, we moved past that stage. Right now it feels more like a gift from someone you’re dating than a sexual transaction.”

If you’re curious about the gifts, at the time of this interview, Coco got an iPhone 11 Pro Max (which was new then), cash gifts, and a Nintendo Switch. Makeup palettes were on the way to her when we spoke. In exchange, she shares pre-recorded videos, Zoom calls every now and then, and feet pictures. Specific kink photos earn her bonuses.

Sana all? Getting a sugar daddy outside of sugar dating apps is easier than you think. Coco says, “they’re literally everywhere and everyone has a market.”

An important tip she shares is to be open about being a sugar baby since some daddies are just waiting for an announcement that they are sugar baby material. Beginners can be more subtle by saying that they’re looking for a specific kind of relationship. If he doesn’t get it, he’s probably not sugar daddy material.

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Unlike Coco who’s more open with sugaring, Peggy is more discreet. In fact, I was surprised that Peggy is a baby. I’ve known her for a few years and well, I didn’t peg her to be a baby. What’s interesting is that she’s also engaged… and both her fiance and daddy know about each other. In fact, Peggy’s daddy still sends P20,000 a month when we last spoke.

Peggy met her SD on Seeking Arrangement a few years ago. He’s a Caucasian guy based in Asia and he flies her out there to meet him. In fact, she was supposed to meet him last March but the trip was canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Peggy, he pays for all expenses, including flights and accommodations.

Another fascinating thing about Peggy’s relationship is that theirs isn’t sexual. They have everything else you’d expect in a relationship. Except Peggy is engaged and the sugar daddy is happily married.

“‘It’s the companionship, he says.’ Wala na daw kasi silang ‘relationship’ ng wife niya. Sex feels transactional with them.” [“He doesn’t have a ‘relationship’ with his wife anymore.”]

Peggy continues, “When I talk to other SDs or SBs on sugar forums, most of the time they don’t think it’s real. Kasi sugaring usually involves sex. I think also why a lot of those who try to enter the sugar lifestyle fail because they assume it’s ‘easy money’ or think it’s a more ‘dignified’ [version of] prostitution because sex equals money. But it’s really not. You really have to build a relationship.”

Peggy shared a lot of good insights about this lifestyle so it’s hard to imagine that she was scammed a few times before. She says, “Na-catfish na nga ako, hindi pa siya legit na sugar daddy. I ended up paying for an expensive ass meal.” [“I was catfished before. He wasn’t a legit sugar daddy.”]

She has this to say for aspiring sugar babies: “the most important is to know what you’re in for and do your research. This is a different kind of commitment eh. You have to be in it for the right reasons, not just for money. Otherwise, you’ll be miserable and hate it and you won’t be able to enjoy sugaring at its peak. [At its peak], it’s when both parties get what they want and they’re happy and at peace with the decisions they made. I know of a sugar relationship na nauwi sa kasalan.” [“I know of a sugar relationship that ended in marriage.”]

Peggy also has words to say for those who are wary about being a sugar baby. There are definite red flags. For her, these include asking you to buy an Amazon gift card (a scam where they’ll ask you to buy a gift card and you’ll have to give the code to them), make you pay for your meal during the first date, asking for nudes on the spot for a “gift” or an “allowance,” and refusing to share a photo before meeting.

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