16 Icons that Made It into Beki Lingo

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Walk around the bustling Manila streets and you’ll likely pass by gays after gays circled in a corner, swanking their big smiles and loud high-fives, probably talking in a language you can’t seem to grasp. Now, before you raise that eyebrow and shoot them an I’m-weirded-out look, I think it’s time you realize that gay lingo (yes, that beautiful language) is constantly growing as you read this—and there’s nothing you can do to stop it.

While unknown to many, beki/gay lingo (aka gayspeak or sward speak) is a byproduct of our patriarchal society. Only through this language gays are able to find safety and belongingness that isn’t mired by discrimination of those outside their community.

Now here’s a quick throwback: when beki lingo started earning its popularity, the media was there to intensify it.

Show business has provided a great acceptance to the language. Local actors and actresses—straights or homosexuals—used (and still use) it casually on screen.

As if the beki community owes the media, gays put the spotlight to celebrities and public figures in return.

Presenting 16 of many icons that made it into beki lingo:

16 Icons that Made It into Beki Lingo

16. Gardo Versoza

Meaning: haggard

Example: “Hagardo Versoza na akez! Nagcommute ba naman ako papuntang Rizal!”

Gardo Versoza1

Photo from GMA News

15. Chaka Khan

Meaning: ugly

Example: “Tignan mo ‘yung girlfriend niya ang Chaka Khan!”

Chaka Khan1

Photo from Radio Times

14. Michael Jackson (John Michael Jackson)

Meaning: a person who only shows up when s/he needs something from you (a play on a famous Filipino phrase “andyan lang ‘pag may kailangan”)

Example: “Alam mo ba yung kaibigan ko, John Michael Jackson lang ‘pag brokenhearted siya.”

Michael Jackson1

13. Manilyn Reynes

Meaning: money

Example: “Wow nanlibre si bakla! Ang daming Manilyn Reynes!”

Manilyn Reynes3

Photo from Showbiz Portal

12. Chanda Romero

Meaning: tummy (tiyan)

Example: “Kain ka nang kain; obvious na ‘yang Chanda Romero mo!”

Chanda Romero

11. Lucrecia Kasilag

Meaning: crazy or to go crazy (loka-loka/naloka)

Example: “Grabe yung traffic kanina! Na-Lucrecia Kasilag sa sobrang init!”

Lucrecia Kasilag

Photo from NCCA

10. Luz Valdez

Meaning: to lose

Example: “Uy, balita ko si Manny Pacquiao na-Luz Valdez kay Horn.”

Luz Valdez2

Photo from GMA News

9. Janno Gibbs

Meaning: to give

Example: “I-Janno Gibbs mo na yang kendi mo sa bata.”

Janno Gibbs

Photo from Philippine Star


8. Alicia Mayer

Meaning: to leave or to go (alis)

Example: “Hala anong oras na! Alicia Mayer na akez baka ma-late pa ako!”

Alicia Meyer

Photo from PEP


7. Diether Ocampo

Meaning: bitter; someone having hatred or dislike on someone usually caused by an unfair treatment

Example: “Alam mo ba yung first runner up sa Miss Gay kahapon, Bitter Ocampo sa nanalo!”

Diether Ocampo

Photo from Philippine Star

6. Eva Kalaw

Meaning: poop (a play on the word “ebak” which means poop in street language)

Example: “Sobrang dami kong kinain kanina, nae-Eva Kalaw na akez!”

Eva Kalaw

Photo from Philippine Star


5. Ces Drilon

Meaning: stressed out

Example: “Ang daming revisions sa thesis namin, Stress Drilon na ako nang bongga!”

Ces Drilon


4. Kuya Germs

Meaning: dirty (a play on “germs”)

Example: Lumuson ako sa baha, ang Kuya Germs pa naman. Kadiri!

Kuya Germs

Photo from Philippine Star


3. Jolina Magdangal

Meaning: to get caught (mahuli)

Example: “Bilisan mo na magbihis! Baka ma-Jolina Magdangal tayo!”

Jolina Magdangal

Photo from Philippine Star


2. Purita Kalaw Ledesma

Meaning: poor

Example: “Di ko keri magshopping. Purita Kalaw Ledesma ang lola niyo ngayon, walang panggastos.”

Purita Kalaw Ledesma

Photo from Art Plus PH

1. Tom Jones

Meaning: hungry (a play on a famous Filipino street word “tomguts”)

Example: “Kain na tayo, Tom Jones na ako!”

Tom Jones

Photo from Wallsdesk

Did we miss out on anything?