15 Times Scarlet Snow Belo Proved She’s the Cutest Kid on Instagram

If you’re on Instagram, chances are you’ve probably seen this kid’s account pop up on your explore page a few times before. And you’ll recognize her as that beautiful toddler with the curly hair, chubby red cheeks, and big, curious eyes that light up when she’s happy. That’s Scarlet Snow Belo, celebrity couple Dr. Vicky Belo and Hayden Kho Jr.’s, three-year-old daughter.

Scarlet might just be a celebrity in her own right, and her Instagram account can show you just why. The kid is sweet, smart, active, and not to mention, super cute! Here are 15 times Scarlet Snow Belo proved she is the cutest kid on Instagram.

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15. That time she tried to run away from exercise…just like you

Scarlet, we’ll run away with you!

14. That time she looked at Japanese food like most adults do

We feel ya, Scarlet! Japanese food is life!

13. That time she showed off her dainty Paris #ootd

Watch out, Paris! This pretty lady is in town!

12. That time mermaid Scarlet thought it was too hot on land

“Ang init naman pala sa lupa, besh.” Thought Scarlet, probably.

11. That time she asked for a Dinosaur birthday party

That sounds really fun, tbh.

10. That time she looked cool rocking a Hong Kong street style 

And she’s wearing a Yeezy, you guys. No one’s cooler than our homie, Scar.

9. That time she responded to dad with her own made-up language

We think she’s just speaking whale, like Dory!

8. That time she gave us a lesson on the importance of brushing your teeth

Listen to little Scarlet—you don’t want the germs to come in your teeth!

7. That time she dressed up as Holly Golightly

Breakfast at Tiffany’s must be her favorite movie to watch with mom Vicky Belo!

6. That time she did the boogie

Scarlet spicing up her meal time with a song and a dance.

5. That time she wished her mommy a happy birthday, and wanted to give her lollipop as a gift

Hi Mommy, this is especially for you. I love you sooo much! Happy birthday!

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Let’s face it, lollipops are pretty great.

4. That time she wowed everyone over a game of Jenga

Way to got, Scarlet!

3. That time she put you to shame because a three-year-old knows more languages than you do

Scarlet speaks Tagalog, English, and Mandarin. How about you?

2. That time a simple smile from her could light up your day

Peoples, I really, really like you.???

A post shared by Scarlet Snow Belo (@scarletsnowbelo) on

That’s one pretty baby!

1. That time she dressed as an Avenger

Just call her Black Widow, aka Scarlet Snowhansson.

What is your favorite Scarlet Snow moment? Share it with us in the comments! 🙂

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