14 Songs That Will Make You Call Your Friends Up To Hangout!

8. Are You In – Incubus

Brandon Boyd is our ultimate crush!

7. Cupid – 112

6. I Wanna Know – Joe

This is my jam!

5. Lady Marmalade – All Saints

We sang the song like we knew how to speak French!  Voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir!

4. Never Gonna Let You Go – Faith Evans

3. Fast Car – Tracy Chapman

Awww, our song when traveling!


2. Power of Two – Indigo Girls

1. Under The Bridge – All Saints

Our ultimate favorite!

Awwww, these songs (esp. All Saints Songs!!) made me miss my friends even more! Life was a lot simpler before. Now that most of us have families and work, it’s hard to oblige when they organize meet-ups.

But, because of these songs, where my girls at?

How about you, what are the songs that make you think of your friends? Share them in the comment section below!