14 Dogs and 5 Cats Guarding Sta. Mesa Lot will Soon be Homeless Unless We Do Something

Fourteen guard dogs and 5 cats might soon be evicted from their home in a Sta. Mesa vacant lot, which had recently been purchased. The new owner wants to start construction on the lot soon.

Animal welfare volunteer Marie Lourdes Mendoza Garcia who had been feeding the dogs and cats for more than three years fears that the animals will become homeless soon and had made an appeal on Facebook for people to adopt the furbabies. In her post, she shares that they are now healthy, spayed/neutered, and up-to-date on vaccinations.

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Dear fellow animal advocates. My name is Marie, and for more than 3 years now, I have been feeding 14 dogs and some cats in a vacant lot here in Sta. Mesa Manila. These poor furbabies urgently need our help because a new owner bought the lot and anytime soon they [the furbabies] will need to vacate and will be homeless. Two security guards own them but cannot bring them along.

I have reached out to Marie, and she confirms that she is aware of people in the area who deals in the dog meat trade. She is worried that the guard animals might become victims of the trade if they are let loose on the streets.

I am afraid that some might be given away or sold to the wrong persons and experience again starvation, neglect, and most especially [be sold to the] dog meat trade.

There will be a construction of an establishment, and skyway will cut through on most parts of the property. If they start construction, there will be access of workers going in and out at makakawala ang ibang dogs at baka masagasaan at isa isa nang maligaw. Mawawalan na din sila ng sisilungan!

Marie Mendoza Garcia Photos - Sta Mesa Guard Dogs and Cats 7

Marie cannot take the animals in as she has a huge family already.

I don’t belong to any rescue group, and I feed 28 dogs and 29 cats everyday including mine. We also have 7 rescue dogs and 8 cats at my friend’s apartment. That is why we can’t take in any of them anymore.

Marie Mendoza Garcia Photos - Sta Mesa Guard Dogs and Cats 7

The furbabies need to be placed in real homes urgently.

So I am reaching out to all of you to help the 14 dogs and 5 cats find and experience a real home. They urgently need to be removed and be adopted or be placed in a shelter before something bad happens to them.

Marie Mendoza Garcia Photos - Sta Mesa Guard Dogs and Cats 7

When Marie found them, they were mangy and skinny. But they became healthier when she started to take care of them.

Matagal na din po silang hindi naliligo dahil walang tubig at talagang hindi po inaasikaso at inaalagaan! Before, they were just eating from garbage and relying on leftover foods. They were mangy and skinny. I treated their skin problems, and now they are well.

Marie Mendoza Garcia Photos - Sta Mesa Guard Dogs and Cats 7

They are spayed/neutered even the cats.

Nairaos ko po silang ipila sa free kapon batch by batch. Thanks to CARA Welfare! Most of the dogs are updated with anti-rabies vaccine. They can be handled well. Their ages range from 1 and a half year old to 9 year old. I hope someone will also consider adopting the older ones….

Marie stresses the urgency of the situation and makes a final appeal.

I hope you could find a place in your hearts to share your homes for these furbabies. They deserve to be taken care of and be saved from the agony they will experience if [the situation is] not given speedy action. Been having sleepless nights and stressful days thinking about their situation. Please help…

Marie Mendoza Garcia Photos - Sta Mesa Guard Dogs and Cats 7

Thank you for taking time to read this and hoping to hear good news from anyone. May God bless and guide us always! Thank you again!

So far since the call was made, two dogs have been adopted.

Marie can be reached via SMS (09428132287) or landline (+632 5462263). She is unable to be online all the time as she is busy with her daily routine of feeding furbabies. She also has cleaning chores. You may leave her a message on Facebook but she probably will be able to respond at night.


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Photo credit: Marie Lourdes Mendoza Garcia