12 Filipinos Share the Most Savage Breakups They’ve Experienced So Far

Now that Valentine’s Day is over and all the lovey-dovey messages have been posted; it’s time for single and bitter me to break the monotony and shower you with stories on the most savage breakups people have experienced so far.

We crowdsourced these answers from Filipino netizens, some of which chose to remain anonymous so as to avoid further drama in their lives.

12 Filipinos Share the Most Savage Breakups They’ve Experienced So Far

They were married!!!

My ex husband ended our marriage via text.

What about the lemon squares?

Was about to break up with a girl and asked her to meet me somewhere. She arrived with a box of lemon squares for me because they’re my favorite. She cried after I told her we should stop seeing each other. I said the cliched, “It’s not you. It’s me. She got mad, so I left. But I can’t stop thinking about those lemon squares.

Honesty isn’t always the best policy.

She told me she had a thing with her cousin. Messed up.

This planned proposal went horribly wrong.

I took her to a party and she said she was going to the comfort room. That’s the last time I saw her. I was supposed to propose to her that night.

Amnesia, maybe?

We went to Hongkong. After the 5-day trip, I stopped hearing from him. No text, no calls. He blocked me everywhere. After a year, I saw him using his HK photos on his Viber account. He sent a Christmas message as if nothing happened – Cher Tanchico

This one even made money out of the breakup.

My ex of almost 3 years broke up with me thru text. A few years later, I found out she sold my stuff, which I lent her. Shaaaame! – Reg

Memes are life.

We met up to discuss things between us and he eventually broke up with me by referencing a meme. “You know that meme with the brain that gets larger? The one that says ‘you’re fired’ and you’re promoted to a customer? Well, you’re promoted to a friend.” I think he broke it off that way to make me laugh?

As if ghosting wasn’t enough…

After ghosting for a few days he finally answered a call and said, “Please stop calling me, my girlfriend will get mad.” – Ishii Caparas

At least this ghost explained himself?

We were dating for a bit. Then he disappeared for about two months and I got worried. When he started responding again he didn’t even say we were done. He just said, “I’m still in love with my best friend pala” and expected me to take it. Because it was unclear to me, we went out one more time; but his best friend joined us and I was a third wheel.”

This cheater explained herself, too.

My ex slept with another guy just to push me away then blamed it on me, claiming it was because she loved me too much.

Sneaky, sneaky…

He left for a vacation and never came back, when I told him I have a gift for him, he sneakily went to our condo while I was at work and took my gift. He actually snuck in several times: to get his passport, some clothes, and shoes. The next thing I did was throw out all of this stuff, so he would stop. We never saw each other to talk about breaking up, by the way. Next thing I know, he has his ticket to the US. – Eyah

Merry Christmas!

He broke up with me on Christmas Eve.

What’s the most savage way someone has broken up with me? Share your stories with us!