10 Tips on Upgrading Your Instagram Caption Game

I kid you not – seven different people approached me last year to generate Instagram captions for them. I take those instances as a laughing matter .. but also as compliments! I’d like to think that captions do add flavor to our photos.

As someone who considers herself a wordsmith, it’s inevitable for me to play around with words. My Instagram account serves as a space where I get to bring out some wit to the table. More often than not, my followers and friends get amused with the captions I come up with and ask how on earth I come up with them.

So, here are a few tips on how I generate those captions. Enjoy!


Start strong!

A call to action caption is all it takes to engage yourself with your followers! Hello, Instagram!!! Hello World!!!!!


Go figure.. figurative language! 

Remember the literary terms you used to memorize for English class back in high school or college (for minor English subjects, perhaps)? Examples of these are similes, metaphors, idioms, personifications, hyperboles, clichés and onomatopoeias. My favorite would be alliteration (repetition of the same initial letter, sound or group of sounds. In essence, tongue twisters).



Pin The Tale 

Paint a scenario for your followers to visualize when they see your photo – after all, a photo speaks a thousand words, right? Turn those words into a story of your own! Better yet, put your history hat on and get informative! That’s enough to encourage and intrigue your friends online to see the place, too.




More than words

You can get your captions straight from what’s in the photo you upload. It’s that kind of feeling knowing it’s “just there” – as if it’s at the tip of your tongue. Sometimes the things we’re looking for isn’t meant to be searched because you haven’t actually noticed that it’s actually there; right in front of you. *wink*





Go big or go quote

Quotes or references are no-brainers especially when you travel to places where the movies were filmed at. Take cues from your favorite films, books, songs or shows in upgrading that Instagram caption!




Loco for local

Something that we Filipinos enjoy too is Pinoy humor. Play around with your Filipino slang and vocab, too!





Tale as old as rhyme


 I promise, it never gets old! This is also a no-brainer trick I love to use when I’ve lost my creative juices for a captivating caption. (see what I did there? :P)




The Name Game

Sometimes .. you just gotta trust yourself. You can also play around with your name to add a personal touch.



Bring out the hanash….tag

Let the hanash, er, hashtag speak for itself! If you want a hashtag that will filter out for YOUR posts (or friends, if involved), the more unique the hashtag, the higher chances are you won’t have similar ones with people that have used it before.




Location, location, location

Locations can also bring out the best in your Instagram captions, too. Do not underestimate!!!!





And there you have it! Those are my personal tips for upgrading your Instagram game captions! Have fun writing your captions! 😉

Do you like creating witty captions for Instagram, too? Share with us what you have too in the comments below!