10 Hilarious Free-throw Distractions that would make anyone miss

Sometimes, a free-throw play is the crucial play that can either propel a team to a glorious win or a bitter defeat.

So when it’s time to throw shots from the charity line, opposing fans would do anything to make sure the shot doesn’t find it’s way to the hoop.

check out these attempts:

10. Speedo Guy

9. It’s hard not to miss with all that arrows

FTdistraction 1

8. Hottie in the sideline? Why not!


7. The Hottie Towel girl


6. Swirlies of death!

FTdistractions 3

5. That LBJ distraction


4. When the whole bleachers just wants you to miss the shot


3. Arizona state’s famous “curtain of distraction”: making freethrow shots miss since 2013


2. I don’t know who wouldn’t be distracted with this one!

FTdistraction 2

1. And finally, this one ACTUALLY made the ball miss!

Hope these made you laugh! Which one is your favorite?