10 Awesome Things To Look Forward To At Manila’s First Gunpla Expo!

We can’t be excited enough about this new event: the Gunpla Expo World Tour is FINALLY coming to Manila this 2017!

Gunpla Expo flyer

The Gunpla Expo is the official Gundam extravaganza by Bandai for fans around the world: various Asian countries such as Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Singapore hold the expo every year to thousands of Gundam enthusiasts! While Gundam has a huge Asian fanbase, it seems that the Philippines has been missing out on the awesomeness!

Not to worry though, as Pinoy Gundam lovers will FINALLY get to experience Gunpla! So what is there to look forward to at the Gunpla Expo 2017? There are so much exciting stuff happening, that these are the 10 cool things to look forward to at Manila’s first-ever Gunpla expo:

10. The Gunpla Expo is the BIGGEST Gundam event of the year!

In case you needed further convincing, the upcoming Gunpla Expo in Manila will be the biggest Gundam event in 2017! Thousands of fans are expected to come, and the first Manila event means exciting stuff to look forward to, like limited editions of exclusive Gunpla model kits!

9. It will be the first Gunpla Expo in Manila.

The first Gunpla Expo in Manila means you get to be part of the first-ever in the Philippines! In other Asian countries, the Gunpla Expo World Tour has opened to thousands of fans in countries such as Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, and Malaysia. It’s finally time that we caught up!

8. See the 3-meter RX-78-2 Gundam statue!


The famous White Mobile Suit will be making an appearance at the Gunpla Expo, and it is 3 meters tall! And yes, you can take a selfie with the Gundam model!

7. There’s an MG exhibit by Filipino Gundam modelers.

MG Gunpla Expo

You’ll get to catch the finest work of the best Pinoy Gundam builders in an MG (Master Grade) model kit exhibit! What’s more, you get to vote for the best one AND get a chance to win a Gundam gift pack!

6. Catch the Pinoy version of the Beargguy diorama!


As if toy fanatics didn’t have other things to look forward to, there will be a diorama of the anthromorphic suit Beargguy — all in a Pinoy setting!


There’s the Beargguy driving a jeep, riding a calesa and even having some of that Pinoy sorbetes!

5. There are limited editions of items at the Gunpla Expo!

Gunpla Expo limited edition

Of course, it isn’t the biggest Gundam event for nothing: Gundam kits exclusively available at the Gunpla Expo will be for sale! You can catch limited edition items such as the SD Legend BB Maryukenshi BB Gundam, the HG Victory Two Assault Buster Gundam, the RG OO Raiser Trans-Am Clear Ver., the HG Char’s Zaku II, the HG Beargguy III (SAN) Ver. Double Happiness, and the MG Hi-Nu Gundam H.W.S. Ver. Ka. So get over to the Gunpla Expo to catch these items!

4. Get to see all RG Gundam!


Be the first to see the new RG Build Strike Gundam Full Package released in Winter 2016, and will now be available to Manila fans!

3. There will be new releases of Gundam!

Aside from the RG Build Strike, there will be thrilling new releases of Gundam now available to Gundam enthusiasts in Manila!

2. There will be a raffle to win a Gundam showcase!

Yes, you CAN win a Gundam showcase in an exciting raffle at the Gunpla Expo! There will also be other raffles to win other Gundam items.

1. Admission is FREE!

The absolute best part of all this? It’s for FREE! You can catch all these awesome things without spending for entrance fees! Everyone is invited to the Gunpla Expo, so bring your friends and family members!

The 1st Philippine Gunpla Expo 2017 will be at the Main Mall Atrium at SM Mall of Asia, from February 25-March 5, 2017.

Philippine Gunpla Expo 2017


SM Mall of Asia, Main Mall Atrium

February 25-March 5, 2017


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