Manila Symphony Orchestra – Rush Hour

When in manila, where people are very busy and pre-occupied, we sometimes forget to unwind and relax. I took my Mom to Manila Symphony Orchestra concert – Rush Hour at Ayala Museum, and I felt that this is something new! I’ve always thought of orchestra concerts are boring and tedious however, with Manila Symphony Orchestra (MSO) it gave me an opportunity to hear a differently on how classical music should be. I was amazed on how each of every string was plucked and creates a symphony that tickles your ears and makes you want more.



Right in the heart of the country’s financial district, where all the heavy traffic intertwines, there you’ll find a way to just lighten up, sit back, and enjoy. Classical music is really a city getaway that you will go to every now and then. The sound of the violinists and the cellists combined will give you a soothing aura to go back to the real world. No need for you to go to those long drive auditoriums and theater arts that will take you years to find a parking, with MSO in Makati you can listen to A-class music without worrying all the drama.


Rey Casey Concepcion – Senior Violinist



Lourdes Miguel – Solo Violinists


Kim Mirandilla Ng – Solo Violinist


Christian Tan – Solo Violinist



I’ve never thought I can enjoy this fine music, after all the pressure and piled-up things to do at work, the Manila Symphony Orchestra really gave me a feel good turn of events. As I watch them play and hear their music, finally I learned how to appreciate what classical music is all about and it’s all about symphony and harmony which is a key to a divine sound.


So When in Manila, a Rush Hour concert is just the perfect bonding with your love one! A perfect city escape! And a way to get out of anxiety! Get a hold of one our country’s youngest musicians to give you a musical experience that will never forget, right in the heart of the country’s financial district.

Check their schedule for the next concerts here!

Like Manila Symphony Orchestra!



Manila Symphony Orchestra – Rush Hour

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